Tippmann TMC – Paintball Gun Review [2023]

The Tippmann TMC is a durable, reliable, and comfortable marker that you’ll enjoy having on the battlefield. Its high-quality build and variety of superior features ensure that it is the most sought after magfed gun in the industry today.

Tippmann TMC
  • Tippmann's latest MagFed Extremely Authentic ARStyled Tactical Carbine Marker
  • Dual feed option: Go MagFed or Traditional Loader
  • Full pneumatic marker

Tippmann TMC Review

Tippman has earned the reputation for combining the best features to produce solid budget paintball guns. You’d be glad to know that the Tippmann TMC does not disappoint!

Ever since the magfed market started taking off, people have been searching for a nice entry-level gun. Although Spyder has its own versions with the MR6 and RAP4 models, you can’t deny that the MR6 has had a fair share of issues while RAP4 isn’t the best all-round gun. I consider the TMC to be the answer that will show enthusiasts the fun of magazine-fed paintballs.

Its inline-bolt system ensures top efficiency and its easy-to-pull rubber trigger will provide you with all the comfort you need. This gun definitely ticks on many fronts. In short, Tippman has incorporated all the best features to come up with a solid marker.

The TMC is a magfed version of Tippmann Cronus and has proven to be all the rage among newbie and intermediate paintball players. Let us look at what makes it one of the best paintball markers on the market today.

tippmann tmc review
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The TMC sets the standard as far as marker durability is concerned. It features a sturdy build made of high-quality materials that allow it to tolerate tough conditions and rough handling.

This means you can roll down, crawl, or fall without breaking it down or interfering with its performance. The grip is also firm and comfortable so that the gun remains firmly held in your hands even during intense activity on the play arena.


If you’ve ever owned a Tippmann before, you’ll have a good idea of what you can expect from the TMC. This remarkable marker utilizes a blowback style bolt that functions at tank pressure; this means the TMC runs at about 750 PSI. Given its high-pressure operation, this gun is somewhat loud and has a slight kick.

However, neither is too great to be a deal-breaker. Unlike other markers operating at high pressure such as Spyder guns or the Azodin, TMC has an extra girth that functions to reduce the kick whereas the added body material helps to dispel some of the noise.

One thing about the TMC that customers have complained about is that the CO2 tank keeps on getting loose and leaking. This is not something you’d want to experience during a game situation. Other than that, it is generally an effective product that I gladly recommend.


The TMC is not easily compromised, thanks to the durable metal materials used in its construction. All pieces, including the inner gears, bolts, trigger assembly, as well as the frame consist of a metal surface.

This allows you to play under all manner of weather conditions and rough terrain without worrying about the safety of your gun. This polymer reinforced design ensures that you can do all the playing without a care in the world. I also like the fact that it has no electric parts, so it can last you a lifetime with the right kind of maintenance.


What will surprise you about the TMC is just how light it is when you hold it in your hands. You’d actually expect a larger magfed gun would be a heavier but not the TMC. To give you a better idea, a smaller gun like Tippman TCR tips the scale at 4lb 6oz, compared to the TMC’s 4lbs.

Despite its featherweight, this gun feels like an AR-15 because of how it blows back when you fire. Be sure to hold it firmly when using it; the recoil isn’t too far from the gun’s it tries to mimic. What I like about this is that the first time I tried using it; the experience was so much fun and authentic.
The TMC also uses a trigger frame similar to the Cronus, which is quite comfortable to use. The rubber-wrapped frame and grooves at the front will fit your fingers perfectly and enhance your grip.


The TMC supports easy upgrades that enable you to customize your marker. You can install extra accessories, thanks to the rail system provided. This means if you want a more powerful gun, you can easily have your wish.

I also need to inform you that the inner parts are just the same as the Tippmann 98. If you have a 98 in your paintball gear closet, you can use its barrel on the TMC and the results will be impressive. You are also free to upgrade the hopper and the trigger.


This paintball gun is very easy to use. A little practice will have you operating it like a pro. The rubber handle on it makes it easier to handle so that you can aim and shoot with high accuracy.

The trigger is also another user-friendly feature that works great for both clumsy and small fingers. Another thing is that unlike your typical magfed paintball gun, you don’t have to load the balls and compress the spring simultaneously. There is a knob on the magazine’s side that you simply screw to compress the spring. The reload is hence smooth, saving you crucial time on the battleground.


The TMC requires very little maintenance! This allows you to keep it in top shape without having to struggle cleaning or disassembling it constantly. However, remember to clean it appropriately every once in a while and lubricate it properly before your next paintball game.


The TMC makes use of magazines with a 19-ball capacity. This means you have 38 paintballs to last you long in the playground. The magazines are also robust and built for intense handling. However, during testing, it was concluded that magazines tend to experience fewer issues when only 19 balls are loaded. It seems like loading fewer balls allows for more consistency in feeding and reduced dimpling on the balls. The dual feed-option also sets this marker apart from rival magfed guns available in the market.


Its construction quality is top-notch and it comes with a comfortable and sturdy feel that you’ll enjoy. The double magazines and hopper options are great additional features that you’ll find useful. Not to mention that it is lightweight, durable and has a cool design.

This might just be the ideal starter paintball marker, thanks to its versatility. The choice to use this marker in different situations, as well as its stellar construction and quality, give it an edge over its competition.

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  • Features two magazines
  • Has a sturdy build
  • Made of durable materials
  • Comfortable rubber handle and grip


  • It’s not first strike compatible
  • The CO2 tank gets loose often


Accuracy - 8
Range - 8
Weight - 8
Noise - 7
Durability - 9
Price - 9

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