Tippmann TiPX Review – Best Magfed Paintball Pistol of 2023

The Tippmann TiPX is PBGuy’s pistol of choice. Lightweight with a cool military-style design, it’s dependable, air efficient, and magfed. It may be a tad bulky, but it’s the kind of gun you want to have on your side in the paintball arena!

Tippmann TiPX Review

Tippmann has been known to produce some of the best paintball markers in the market. And true to its reputation, the introduction of the TiPX proved to be a game changer in the paintball world. Aesthetics wise, you’ll hardly find a better-looking marker in the industry today!

Its sleek design will grab your attention straight out of the box. The design was meant to look and feel like an actual military-style firearm. If you’ve ever handled a semiautomatic before, you’ll understand what I mean when you get your hands on the TiPX.

The manufacturers did a good job of ironing out the few issues that bedeviled its predecessor while adding a number of features you’ll find quite convenient. This 2nd generation model consists of a Picatinny rail system which enables you to mount extra accessories you may like. The under-barrel CO2 air system is another feature that has got more pleading the case of Tippmann TiPX.

 If you’ve ever thought of owning a paintball pistol, the TiPX would be a crucial asset to have. Tippmann focused on maximum-efficiency at low cost when it comes to this particular marker.

Its body is designed to simplify maintenance because it allows ready access to the internal mechanisms. The overall structure comprises a light and high-impact polymer, resulting in a light and extremely reliable unit.

Any paintball enthusiast interested in having an efficient side-arm as opposed to carrying around a weighty primary gun should definitely consider owning a TiPX. But what exactly makes it such a viable choice for a marker? Let us take a deeper look into this competitively priced yet high performing unit:



The TiPX’s overall simplicity ensures that you will spend very little time to wrap your head around its functioning. One hour might just be enough for you to use this sidearm to your advantage if you’re starting out. Another feature you’ll find impressive is the aluminum trigger. It allows you to fire the paintballs whenever you want without jamming.

The TiPX gives you an edge over your opponents when you are out playing speedball games. Personally, I’ve had issues with my previous marker’s design which forced me to purchase several barrels. But with this marker, I can comfortably store my barrel inside the holster and readily access it when necessary.

Tippmann TiPX Review - Best Magfed Paintball Pistol of 2023 1

Also, note that this “pistol” is quite a lot larger than some of the other paintball pistols we reviewed on this site, if you are looking for something compact, go for the first strike. To learn more about the options available, check out our best paintball pistols buyers guide.

One thing you need to bear in mind about the TiPX is that you might not be able to find many holsters that suit it in the neighborhood gun store.  This is because of the holster’s small width, which will force to search online or shop in pro stores to find. The same goes for magazines. You have to purchase ones specifically designed for the marker, which can be a little limiting.


The Tippmann TiPX is very accurate, and this allows you to hit any target in the play area if your shooting game is on point. It has a lightweight and compact build to keep you agile as you maneuver your way around the field with ease.

The .68 caliber pistol will also be more accurate when used with a matching size of paintballs. This is something you’d like to keep in mind when you decide to buy it. Easy access to the speed adjuster behind the receiver allows you to fire more rounds in a shot window of time, making you more efficient in the battle zone.

Furthermore, this paintball marker features an external velocity adapter on the back on the receiver. This enables you to adjust the pistol easily with the help of a wrench since it’s not thumb-adjusted. You can find the TiPX in three amazing colors including black, olive, and desert tan.


The basic operation of the TiPX is relatively simple, and this is what makes it such a wonderful choice for beginner paintball players and veterans alike. The gun fires from an open bolt, while its blow forward system limits kickback and recoil for your shooting pleasure.

It consists of Tru-Feed magazines that are spring-loaded and will automatically push the first ball into the pistol’s chamber once loaded into the marker. Every time you start a game with a fresh cartridge, you only need the second pull for the gun to fire. This is a feature quite synonymous with CO2 cartridges, and one that I really found enjoyable on my first try.

However, nothing takes more time than replacing the CO2 after just a few rounds. You also need to look out for these kinds of cartridges! In field tests, 12g cartridges lasted for 2-3 magazines depending on different conditions. This might be a deal-breaker when in the middle of an intense match, especially if you have resorted to using the TiPX as your primary weapon.

If you want an extra mag thrown in with the gun, I’d recommend taking a look at the double mag bundle for less than $10.

Another setback is that in cold conditions, there is a possibility of the cartridges freezing up and interfering with firing velocity. Generally, the design and location of the CO2 cartridge shouldn’t throw off your game.


Overall, the Tippmann TiPX lightweight design and high shooting accuracy are its true selling points. It offers you more speed and maneuverability which can be an added advantage in intense and high-speed tournament games. The compact build gives you an easy time when handling it and eliminates the awkwardness of running around with a large and weighty paintball gun.

Users also get the option to upgrade with extra accessories, allowing you to customize the marker to your preferences. And although it may not be the ideal primary weapon in the field of play, it is definitely one of the best paintball guns for players who value weight and precision.

However, if you don’t fancy a sidearm and feel like you’d be better off with a larger paintball gun, read our reviews on full-size paintball markers that will suit you.

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  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • Has a durable trigger made of aluminum
  • Enables camouflage customization
  • Easy to adjust the velocity to your preferred range
  • It comes in 3 different colors
  • It allows for customization through upgrades


  • Quite long and clunky for a sidearm
  • Not Compatible with First Strike Paint
  • The CO2 cartridge runs out quickly
  • A small magazine - only holds 7 paintballs


Accuracy - 9
Range - 9
Weight - 8
Noise - 8
Durability - 10
Price - 9


  1. I expected better performance shoots great with co2 but remote air lucky to get 250 FPS get ready to put some money into it ,like barrel , block , tcr valve than get a high pressure tank out put like 900 psi than yup it’s a good pistol for 2021 but in my opinion T8.1 blows it away with no upgrades so is it worth it? Nope

    • Hi,
      Thanks for the comment and the user review, I’ll be sure to review the Tiberius T8.1, another plus about the T8,1 is it’s first strike compatible.


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