Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun Review

The Spyder Fenix is an affordable and compact paintball gun that’s easy to use and maintain. It’s a versatile gun that can be used by beginners or experts.

Spyder Fenix
  • Air Efficient EKO Valve System (Patent Pending) shoots up to 1600 shots from a 20 oz CO2 tank - “Synergy Engineering” Low Pressure...
  • Overall Profile (25% Lighter and 15% Shorter) - 25 BPS rate of Fire - 3 Modes of Operation (Semi-Auto, Ramp PSP, & Ramp Millennium)
  • LEAP II Circuit Board with Rear Facing Color Access Mode Display (CAMD) - Break Beam Eye (Anti-Chop System)

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Having the right paintball gun or marker is very important if you play the sport frequently, because the better the gun or marker, the better your aim and accuracy. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to paintball guns, which makes it difficult to settle down on one, especially when you are just starting out, because you need a reliable paintball gun that is easy to use and maintain. From our experience, one of the best paintball guns for beginners and intermediate paintball players is the Spyder Fenix Paintball gun and in this article we will review it.

The Spyder Fenix paintball gun is a very efficient, easy to use, and durable, with an aggressive design that lets you stand out when using it. It is made from very sturdy materials, which gives the gun its durability, and the feed neck is clamped, so you won’t have any need to upgrade it. This paintball gun has all the features that are common in top shelf markers, which means you aren’t getting short changed, and its design makes it very easy to carry around with you.

Spyder Fenix review

The Spyder Fenix is made by the Kingman Group, a company that has been making paintball guns and markers since 1992, so you know you are purchasing a high quality paintball marker when you buy the Spyder Fenix marker.

The Spyder Fenix has an air efficient valve system which allows it to shoot up to 1,500 shots using a 20 ounce CO2 tank. The marker has a firing rate of 25 paintballs per second, and has three operating modes, the Ramp PSP, Semi-automatic, and Ramp Millennium. Other features on the marker are the color access mode display (CAMD), and the anti chop system, which prevents it from chopping paintballs.


The product has a three way adjustable magnetic response trigger, dual textured panels, and a high impact trigger frame. It also has a velocity adjuster, vertical adapter, and an adjustable inline regulator, which allows for fast charging. This marker has a lot of features that are mostly exclusive to the higher priced paintball guns and markers, which mean even the experienced players, can play with it, and also makes it a very good deal at its price.


The Spyder Fenix is a very versatile marker that can be used by anyone, from beginners to seasoned veterans, it is a very durable marker that can endure a lot of punishment, which can be upgraded and customized to fit your needs. If you are looking for a top notch gear and don’t want to pay a lot of money, this is the marker for you. Liked our Spyder Fenix review? Share it on your facebook page and join our group!

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