Planet Eclipse Gtek Review [2023] – Comparing the 170r vs its rivals

The Planet Eclipse Gtek is a lightweight, durable, and low maintenance paintball gun that has proven to be both reliable and efficient. It is just the kind of mid-range marker you need to make the most of your paintball experience.

Planet Eclipse Gtek Review

The Gtek is legit, watch any paintball Youtube channel, or follow any competitive player and you will understand why everyone who knows paintball has this gun in their shortlist.

This is one of the most reliable and indestructible guns around. This is the ultimate beginner/intermediate gun for high volume gameplay and competition.  You could literally use this gun every day.

Planet Eclipse Gtek Review [2023] - Comparing the 170r vs its rivals 1
Planet Eclipse Gtek features an electronic trigger with Semi-Auto & Ramping (Capped/Uncapped) firing modes

One of the most unique features is the use of breech sensing tech.  This technology allows the gun to trap up to 30 PSI of co2 pressure while being fired – this will help your tank last longer and fire stronger.  I consider this to be the most efficient gun on the market.  The gun is both quiet and powerful and fires at only 135 psi – one of the lowest pressure fires ever built! In testing for this review, I found the gun to not only be strong, but also quite efficient when it comes to air usage.

The Gtek is a good pick for both beginner and advanced paintball players. If you are looking to invest in a gun with high performance and rugged reliability, you can never go wrong with this marker.

It is ideal for speed-ball, tournament, and wood-ball players.

Planet Eclipse introduced this new design to offer an upgrade to the very popular ETHA models. The GTek 170R is priced around 50% higher than the Etha 2.



One of the things you can look forward to in the Gtek is that it will keep on working no matter the conditions. During testing, the gun proved that it can perform remarkably well under extreme temperature conditions.

The gun was stored in temperature conditions of -20 degrees F and every time it was removed and fired, the Gtek functioned perfectly without losing its velocity. The same is true when the test was carried out in temperatures of 100 degrees F. This means the gun will keep on serving you diligently even when exposed to high amounts of stress and other adverse conditions that your average paintball marker will yield to without a fight.

Unfortunately, the Gtek is not fully protected against factory issues. Some customers have complained of defects in their guns, especially the stretch poison color design. This, I suspect, could be the result of poor quality control.


The Gtek does a good job of conserving air when you are shooting it in the play zone. This will ensure that you keep on going when other players are trying to refill their gas tanks. The Gtek uses breech sensing technology that covers the firing chamber in mid-shot, allowing you to save plenty of valuable air.

Illustration of Gamma Core

This can trap up to 30 PSI of air for every shot that you take. This is not a quality you’ll find in many paintball guns, especially when they are functioning at a high level of velocity. This is the gun for you if you value efficiency in the field!


The Gtek is lightweight to ensure that your hands won’t be aching by the time you come out of the paintball game. It features aluminum and composite parts that result in a lightweight gun weighing only 2.05lbs.

This allows you to remain agile and enhances your mobility in the battle zone so that your enemies find it hard to get a clean shot. Compared to other paintballs markers in the market, I believe this gun offers you an edge over your opponents.


What I like about the Gtek 170r is that despite its high-performance features, it still manages to provide a low-key sound signature when firing. This should guarantee that your hiding spot won’t be compromised.

The low sound can be credited to the Gamma Core drive train. This operates at a meager 135psi, making for a smooth and quiet shot. It offers you a continuous barrage of seamless shots with little to no recoil.

Planet Eclipse Gtek Review [2023] - Comparing the 170r vs its rivals 2
The drive train is easily removable with no tools

This consistent power and quiet sound signature result in a winning gun. You’ll have a ball sneaking up behind your enemies and finishing them off without them noticing a thing.


Like all Planet guns, this model comes with a one-year warranty.  Not only can repairs be handled by Planet themselves but a number of authorized resellers and paintball gun specialists can repair it under warranty for you too.  Combine all of this with the lightweight aluminum frame that is resistant to all forms of corrosion and you’ve got a real winner. 


For a mid-range marker, the Planet Eclipse Gtek 170r comes with a number of cool accessories that help to enhance your paintball experience. The marker features a newly introduced Gamma Core drive train that helps to improve shooting performance while maintaining efficiency during firing.

It also features a clamping feed neck that ensures the hopper remains tight and compact. Let’s not forget the well-positioned rubber grips on the frame that offer high comfort while handling the gun.

There’s also an interactive LED board that allows you to set the gun in different modes. However, the circuit board can be upgraded to OLED capacity readily and cheaply without replacing the whole thing.

Planet Eclipse Gtek Review [2023] - Comparing the 170r vs its rivals 3


The Gtek is generally a more affordable option of a paintball marker compared to its electronic competitors. It is quite easy to disassemble in case of an issue, allowing you to readily access the internal parts.

Its mechanical system also requires very little maintenance, meaning it can last you a long while with little worries. However, I need to remind you that aside from the regular cleaning, you also need to oil the O-rings; preferably after using the marker.


Planet Eclipse launched the Gtek 160r and 170r, which were supposed to be updated versions of the earlier Gtek models. These two make use of advanced features to bring the Gtek line up to speed.

The main difference between the two is while the 160r still maintains the air transfer pipe from the tank to the regulator; the 170r does not have this feature in its design. The 170r also has a smaller foregrip compared to the one on the 160r.

Another notable difference is the trigger. The 160r uses a curve trigger whereas the 170r uses a blade trigger. When it comes to prices; the 160r retails at $699 while you’ll have to cough out $799 to get the 170r.

Given the choice between the two, I would advise that you purchase the Gtek 170r. It’s been upgraded for a reason.

Planet Eclipse Gtek Review [2023] - Comparing the 170r vs its rivals 4
Gtek 170R
Gtek 160R


When it comes to the best paintball markers on the market, the Planet Eclipse Gtek surely holds its own. It offers a high number of features to go with high all-round performance and reliability.

It is also easy to handle, allows for easy upgrades and requires minimal maintenance. This marker ensures that you get the most out of your investment and helps to improve your paintball experience.

The GTEK is the ultimate in mid-ranged paintball guns – this is our top recommendation for experienced amateur paintballers.

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  • Lightweight and compact for easy carry
  • Rubber grips improve handling
  • Produces little sound and recoil
  • Offers high-performance
  • Durable and reliable
  • Requires little maintenance


  • Possible factory defects
  • Cumbersome to handle for people with large hands


Accuracy - 10
Range - 9
Weight - 10
Noise - 9
Durability - 9
Price - 8

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