Dye Proto Rize Review- Precision and Maxxed Tested

Both the Proto Rize Precision and Maxxed deliver as excellent mid-range paintball guns. Both are extremely reliable, but we actually think the precision comes at better value for money.

The Precision

The Maxxed

Dye Proto Rize - Maxxed
  • Top level performance without breaking the bank, the DYE Rize MaXXed is packed with features that give you a true advantage on the...
  • Patented Fuzion Bolt System delivers a smooth, consistent shot at a lower operating cycle that produces a smooth bolt cycle, minimal...
  • The Hyper3 Regulator breathes life into the Rize MaXXed and offers precise adjustment of the air pressure and velocity with a simple...

Dye Proto Rize Review

The DYE Proto Rize paintball gun is one hell of a marker for the price.  The DYE comes with a unique feature called the Rize Fusion Bolt.  This patented piece of shooting technology will allow you to fire paintballs at speeds that no other gun at this price point can.

Also, the Proto Rize has a custom adjustable trigger made of aluminum – making it even easier to fire off more balls per minute. The tactical advantages don’t end there – the Proto Rize’s accuracy is also top-notch.

Don’t you hate when your paintballs break before you even get to fire them?  You don’t have to worry with the Proto Rize – this gun comes stock with anti-chop eyes so you never have to worry about a ball breaking in your gun again. At 4 pounds the gun is on the heavy side.

DYE’S RIZE is packed with performance features not found on entry-level markers. The newly designed features:

  • Patented Rize Fusion bolt
  • Precision
  • True Bore Proto 1piece barrel
  • Hyper 3 regulator, newly redesigned
  • Dye RAMP solenoid
  • Adjustable aluminum trigger

The main difference between the Precision and Maxxed models is mainly the 2-piece barrel, giving you longer range if needed.

Also, the clamping feed-neck on the Maxxed is a lot more convenient, but most people won’t need to change their hopper during a session.

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So what does this translate to for the real-world user? Well, the Dye Ramp Solenoid feed neck, together with the Hyper 3 regulator gives the Rize the performance of a high-end marker. These two technologies work together to make the gun jam less frequently.

Perhaps my favorite feature of the gun is its new I-pipe, the previous versions of the Proto did not have this, and it’s a great addition.

The DYE Proto comes standard with a one-year warranty so you don’t have to worry if something breaks.

That being said you shouldn’t worry as this marker has been built to incredibly high standards.  This paintball gun is ideal for someone looking to get serious about competition paintball but isn’t ready to shell out the big bucks just yet – another good option is the Planet Eclipse Etha 2.

Get this gun if you’re looking for affordable quality and reliable performance.

And when it comes to which one we recommend…

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  • Good accuracy
  • Good rate of fire
  • Low jam rate


  • Little heavy at 4lb


Accuracy - 9
Range - 9
Weight - 8
Noise - 8
Durability - 8
Price - 9

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