5 Best Paintball Masks Of 2023: Reviews & Full-Combat Guide

Besides from being extremely fun, paintball can also be painful! Those little balls fly fast and hit hard, so you wouldn’t want them to hurt that pretty face of yours now, would you?

Of course not – and that’s why you need to take a look at today’s reviews of the best paintball masks that money can buy, and how to find one for yourself.

If you think that staying safe while playing is important, then do not skip this article!

In a Hurry? The Best Paintball Mask for 2023 Is…

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle
  • The Dye Precision i4 Goggle System is the smallest profile, lightest, and best field of vision goggle system available. The thermal...
  • The anatomically correct i4 mask system offers the best in comfort for all facial contours. The i4 is tested at twice the current...
  • The i4 sets the industry standard for anti-fog technology. The thermal lens provides distortion-free optical clarity and a fog free...

This is the best paintball mask you will find on the market, the mask comes in a variety of colors, the lenses are dye high definition thermal lenses, with a 290 degree peripheral vision that allows you to see more than any other mask, it comes with a 14 rapid change system, that allows you to change the lens within 10 seconds.

The mask has a retention system that keeps it exactly where you want it to be, without having to worry about it falling out of place.

It is a little more expensive than the other masks on this list, and if you want the best, you have to be willing to pay a little extra.

Our Top 5 Paintball Masks for 2023

Dye i4 Paintball Goggle (Black/Gold)
Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle Rating: 92/100 Click for Latest Deal
Base GS-O Operator Thermal Paintball Goggles - Black
BASE Paintball Goggles Rating: 88/100 Click for Latest Deal
Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles Rating: 85/100
GXG XVSN Paintball Masks
GXG XVSN Paintball Masks Rating: 82/100 Click for Latest Deal
Proto Switch EL Goggle
Proto Primo Paintball Hopper Rating: 79/100 Click for Latest Deal

Paintball masks are the most important piece of paintball gear you can have – even more important than your paintball gun. Because protecting your eyes is more important than getting a kill.

That’s why the mask is also the one thing people are forced to wear, and cannot be removed if you go paintballing.

The masks come in a variety of shapes and size, which have different price ranges, depending on the quality or brand, and are designed specifically for paintball.

In my experience, you should always buy a paintball mask. Seriously—even if you’re not going to play that often, you don’t want to run around in a nasty, sweaty, ill-fitting rental mask.

It’s also important to have a mask that fits you well and feels comfortable as you play. Here are some things to keep in mind as you shop for a paintball mask:

First of all, you’ll need a mask that’s sturdy and made of good-quality materials. If the mask is cheap and poorly-made, it’s not going to do a good job of protecting your face.

5 Best Paintball Masks Of 2023: Reviews & Full-Combat Guide 1

The lenses need to be made of materials that won’t easily scratch up, as paintball masks take a lot of abuse.

Next, you need a mask that’s comfortable. It needs to fit well. You’re going to be running around and sweating for hours with this thing on your face.

If it gets so uncomfortable that you can’t wear it anymore, it’s game over, so pick one that feels great.

Finally comes all the extras. Make sure your mask has good ventilation (as I mentioned above, you’ll be sweating) to keep you cool and breathing easily. You need to be able to hear well from within your mask.

It’s no good if everything is muffled and you can’t hear enemies approaching. Apart from that, you’ll find masks in a variety of styles, so you’re sure to be able to find one that suits you.

Our overall recommendation?  Make sure you get the best paintball gun and the best paintball mask you can. 

These two tools are the most important things you can buy (and also usually the most expensive).  Buy these first and continue to add other accessories as you and your love of the sport progress.

We have taken it upon ourselves to check out some paintball mask reviews, so we can give you a list of the best paintball masks in 2023, that are available to purchase, which are listed below.

Countdown of 9 Best Paintball Masks for 2023

#9 VForce Armor Fieldvision Gen 3

VForce is a great mask for people new to the sport, or seasoned veterans, it has a scratch resistant hard coat, the lens is thermo cured, so it doesn’t fog up, they provide optically correct vision, and can easily be switched out in the event that it cracks or breaks.

This mask provides maximum protection for the user, and is a great value at its price.


  • Good Value For Price
  • Offers decent protection


  • Too small for comfort
  • Some ventilation issues
  • Not 100% Fog Free

#8 Proto Switch EL Goggle

Proto Switch EL Goggle comes with single pane fog-resistant lenses, that are treated on the exterior with a hard coat, to prevent scratching.

The mask also keeps your ears protected, and has multi-ported earpieces that allow you to hear what is going on around you.

The interior is made with soft material that make it very comfortable to wear, and the mask also has a turnbuckle that allows you to change the lens quickly and easily.

This is a great paintball mask, and it comes in two different styles and colors.


  • Good value for price
  • Comfortable


  • Not very durable

#7 Sly Profit Camo Mask Thermal

This is a top of the line mask that is designed for paintball enthusiasts, it has a dual-pane thermal lens that protects it from fogging up while you are playing, and it has soft earpieces that provide a very comfortable feel and protection.

This mask gives users an advantage when playing because it reduces the glare from the sun while playing, it has SBR foam that provides shock absorption while playing, and water resistant inner lens gasket to lock out dirt and moisture.


  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • Lens won’t fog


  • Almost no forehead protection
  • Little chin coverage

#6 Sly Profit Full Camo Goggles

Sly Profit Full Camo Goggles
  • Velvet lined soft cell frame foam, combined with SBR foam for shock absorption
  • Integrated double strap for goggle angle adjustability
  • UV, IR, and water resistant inner lens gasket locks out moisture and dirt

This is another quality product from Sly Profit, these camo goggles come in a wide range of colors, so people have a lot of options to choose from.

It is lined with velvet soft cell foam and SBT foam for shock absorption while playing.

It also has an integrated double strap that allows you to adjust the goggle angle, with a quick-release system that allows you to change the lens easily.

This is a very comfortable and well-made mask, that will make your paintball experience more enjoyable.


  • Doesn’t Fog Up
  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable
  • Minimal Vision Obstruction


  • Not much forehead protection
  • Can be hard to breathe with

#5 GXG XVSN Paintball Mask

GXG XVSN Paintball Mask
  • Quick release lens system for easy replacement.
  • Visor NOT included.

Sometimes we need something that will just get the job done regardless of the setbacks. GXG XVSN is the kind of a product that doesn’t have many “fancy” features of its competition, but it will keep you safe during the game.

The main benefit of this model is its price, which is so low that it wouldn’t be a pity to buy it for one-time use only.

You know the situation when you have one unexpected player, but no masks left for them?

That’s when you go out and buy the XVSN.

The mask has a sturdy plastic construction which will protect one’s entire face without problems. It has thick padding on the inside, which makes it surprisingly comfortable, even if it may not look so at first glance.

The lens has anti-fog and anti-scratch properties, so it is suitable for outdoor use. Regarding the latter, UV protection is absent as well as the visor, so playing in sunny weather might be a challenge. Also, the field of view is a bit more narrow than what you’d ideally want, but hey, you get what you pay for.

The mask is held up by a single, thick strap, and it is effortless to put on and adjust. You don’t have to worry about it falling off from your head – quite the contrary – it’s more likely for it to be too tight.


  • Very cheap
  • Hard plastic offers full face protection
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Thick padding
  • Easy to put on


  • No UV protection or visor
  • Narrow field of view
  • Might be too tight for some users


Virtue Vio Contour II is a paintball mask that’s packed with all the features that a player could want, and it comes at a price that is more than reasonable.

It has a phenomenal fog-resistant thermal lens, which is very wide, so peripheral vision will not be compromised at any point.

The bottom of the mask looks really, really cool! Of course, it is functional as well, providing excellent airflow to keep you cool throughout the game. This factor is sometimes overlooked by buyers, but if you’ve ever tried paintball, you know how important it is.

The earpads are comfortable and designed so that they do not impede one’s hearing. Besides this, the mask has a stretchy, adjustable strap with a pad for the back of your head, which feels good when you put it on.

All this sounds amazing, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with Vio Contour II. It falls a bit short when it comes to face coverage as it leaves a portion of your forehead completely open. This is its biggest setback without a doubt.


  • Well-designed
  • UV and fog-resistant lens
  • Excellent and comfortable padding
  • Great ventilation and airflow
  • Reasonable price


  • Zero protection for your forehead

#3 JT Spectra Flex 8

JT Spectra Flex 8
  • Spectra lens offering 260 degree field of vision
  • Dual Fusion co-molding technology creates this unique venting System
  • Full head coverage for maximum protection

Looking for full-head coverage AND you’re on a budget? Well, in that case, JT Spectra Flex 8 might be your ideal paintball mask.

If you are new to the sport, then this model can be a right choice for you, for the following reasons:

  • It will keep your entire head protected
  • It’s affordable

The lense of Flex 8 is very wide, and its field of vision is 260 degrees. This means that it will not inhibit your ability to see clearly not even one bit.

However, the lens doesn’t have any UV protection nor special anti-fog properties. The latter shouldn’t be a massive concern as user experience has shown that fogging is only a slight problem with this helmet.

Even though this mask covers one’s entire head, it is designed so that it has quite a bit of airflow and you can rest assured that it won’t make you hot.

It also includes a removable visor that’s perfect for sunny days and can be taken off when it isn’t necessary.

As for the padding, well, it is sub-optimal, and many have complained that the helmet feels a bit rough on their heads. This can be a big issue, especially when playing for long hours.

Overall, this is a decent piece of equipment, and you should give it a try if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.


  • 260-degree field of vision
  • Good ventilation
  • Keeps the entire head safe
  • Includes a removable visor
  • Affordable
  • Universal fit for all head sizes


  • Lack padding feels hard when worn
  • No UV or anti-fog properties

Base GS-F Paintball Goggles
  • Ballistic Protection - Meets and exceeds all ASTM Paintball safety standards. Designed to divert shell fragmentation of both .68 and...
  • Optical Clarity - Quick release wide angle no distortion dual pane thermal anti-fog lens. Tool free modular moisture wicking soft...
  • Functional Fit - Contoured profile for complete coverage. No slip, moisture wicking adjustable goggle strap for comfortable fit. Robust...

Base GS-F Paintball Goggles
  • Ballistic Protection - Meets and exceeds all ASTM Paintball safety standards. Designed to divert shell fragmentation of both .68 and...
  • Optical Clarity - Quick release wide angle no distortion dual pane thermal anti-fog lens. Tool free modular moisture wicking soft...
  • Functional Fit - Contoured profile for complete coverage. No slip, moisture wicking adjustable goggle strap for comfortable fit. Robust...

Here’s yet another outstanding product made by the renowned Base, a reputable brand in the paintball sport. Their mask can easily match some of the top models of today, so let’s see what it can do.

The first thing that struck us was how simple and refreshing the design of the mask is – no pretentiousness, just function.

The all-black look is reminiscent of the helmets that special ops teams wear, so it’ll make you feel ready for action!

GS-F has a dual pane thermal lens that won’t fog up even in the most humid of conditions. Unfortunately, there’s no UV resistant coating over the lens, but a built-in visor will help when playing in sunny weather.

The strap is comfortable, easily adjustable, and strong, so it will keep the mask in place. The ears are fully covered, but it might be a bit tight there, depending on the type of your head and how sensitive ears you have.

Those who are concerned about safety will be happy to hear that the GS-F meets all ASTM paintball standards, and it can divert all kinds of paintballs.

The mask has a strong and durable, yet lightweight, polymer construction with inner padding that makes it very comfortable to wear.

The vents are well-designed and constructed so overheating will never be an issue.


  • Double-pane anti-fog lens
  • Simple and beautiful design
  • Adjustable and comfortable strap
  • Provides full-face coverage
  • Built-in visor


  • No UV protection
  • A bit tight on the ears

#1 Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle
  • The Dye Precision i4 Goggle System is the smallest profile, lightest, and best field of vision goggle system available. The thermal...
  • The anatomically correct i4 mask system offers the best in comfort for all facial contours. The i4 is tested at twice the current...
  • The i4 sets the industry standard for anti-fog technology. The thermal lens provides distortion-free optical clarity and a fog free...

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line paintball mask than look no further than Dye Precision I4. This model has everything that a player can want, and now we’re going to dissect it for you.

The first thing that makes this mask so great is its lense. It is a thermal anti-fog lens which is also UV resistant, so you can enjoy the game while being sure that no external factors will mess with your vision.

The mask is pretty wide, and the lens stretches almost from end to end. It entirely covers the ears and feels very comfortable when worn.

Now, a potential problem with this model is that it is not very big, so people with large heads might find their chin being uncovered.

Make sure to try it before buying to see if it fits well.

Moving on, the mask is so lightweight that you’ll forget that you have it on. It will not hinder your movement one bit, and you’ll be able to carry it for a long time easily.

The ventilation system is remarkable, so there’s no need to worry about getting your face too hot at any point in the game.

Finally, the Dye Precision I4 is available in many different colors, so finding one that you like shouldn’t be an issue.


  • Full face coverage
  • Anti-fog thermal lens
  • Comfortable
  • Great ventilation
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Pricey
  • Might be too small for people with a large head

Choosing The Best Paintball Masks: Things To Consider

5 Best Paintball Masks Of 2023: Reviews & Full-Combat Guide 2

Parts of the mask

Paintball masks vary as much as the sport, so there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to this piece of equipment.

For example, folks who prefer speedball will probably want to opt for a lighter mask while woodsball players will need something sturdier.

However, there is something that all masks have in common, and that is the basic construction. Each mask consists of four parts – lens, strap, ears, and bottom.

Let’s learn more about them:


The lens is probably the single most important element in a good paintball mask. You need something that is going to provide with a clear vision as well as sufficient protection, so it’s crucial that you inspect this part wisely.

So, what to look for?

First and foremost, find a lens with a wide field of vision, around 260-270 degrees, as it will enable you to have good peripheral sight.

If you’ve ever encountered a cheap rental mask with a narrow visor you know how much it compromises you when playing, so stay away from it.

Second, the lenses must not distort your vision because this will inhibit your judgment of distance and make it harder to see where you’re moving or shooting.

Third, since you’re going to sweat a lot during the game, you can expect that your lenses will get foggy and your sight blurry.

Fortunately, some smart people have figured out a way to prevent this by applying special treatment to the lenses and thus giving them anti-fog properties.

Fourth, it would be advisable to find a lens that is scratch resistant. This will prolong the mask’s lifespan and also let you have clear vision no matter how many hits the lens takes over time.

Last, mirrored or chromatic lenses are the way to go, especially if you like playing outdoors. Such lenses are made to prevent glare, which is essential during games in sunny weather.


As you’ve probably guessed, a strap’s job is to keep the mask on your head at all times. Besides this, it needs to be comfortable while eliminating or minimizing any movement of the mask across your face.

In other words, it should make the mask stay in the same position even through fast and sudden movements.

Straps can be single or double, and the only way to tell which is suitable for you is based on how it feels. Masks usually come with straps, and sometimes they’re good, sometimes not so good.

In the case of the latter, you can always buy another one online, and there’s plenty of advice out there on how to choose a model for you.


Another crucial element of the mask is the earpiece, or pieces, to be more precise. There’s no need to tell you what they’re for, but as expected, they come in different designs and materials.

It’s a good idea to look for ear protection with soft and comfortable padding; however, too much padding might hinder your hearing.

Many new models combine the best of both worlds – the comfort and the ability to hear clearly, so definitely check out what the manufacturer (and customers) have to say about this before picking a model.


Bottoms are just as important as the lenses as they protect your face from the eyes down. Now, this is usually the part where masks differ the most as every manufacturer has its own design.

For example, certain models have neck protection, while others don’t, so this is a huge difference between two pieces of equipment that have the same function.

We would suggest you look for a model that fully encases your jawline and provides as much protection as possible.

Also, you should get a bottom that has good ventilation that will allow you to breathe easily while wearing it.


Ok, so after you’ve found the optimal mask configuration considering the four elements mentioned above, it’s time to think about the weight of the mask.

Know that you’re going to be carrying this thing on your head for a long time so it mustn’t be too heavy for you.

Furthermore, you will run around and move swiftly during the game, so you need a mask that’s not going to slow you down or make your movements more challenging.

As we’ve already mentioned, games of different paces require masks of different weights, but overall, you should stay within the 1-2 pound range.


Not all masks provide the same amount of coverage to the head, and in this regard, we can separate masks into two groups:

  1. Face masks – from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin
  2. Helmets that cover the entire head

Now, which one is suitable for you depends solely on your preference, but some other factors can aid you in choosing.

Beginner players will definitely be better off with helmets as they provide the most protection. Also, this kind of mask is more appropriate for children.

Some advanced players opt for face masks because they feel as if they have more freedom of movement with them. All in all, it’s advisable to try both and see which one you feel better with.


Another factor that’s worth considering is the amount of space between the mask and the face.

Some models are roomier while others press right against one’s skin, and while both have their pros and cons, we’d suggest searching for something in the middle.

It will feel comfortable and leave you with enough space to breathe, and at the same time, be close enough so that you have a clear vision.


Last but not least, there is the sturdiness of the mask.

Beginners should look for a model that’s as sturdy as it gets since they will probably be taking quite a few shots when they first start playing.

Experienced players might want a lighter material, which is not as strong but will allow them to move faster.

The latter material will still absorb most of the shots, but close range ones will probably hurt a bit.

Three Types of Paintball Masks

There are three major types of paintball masks to choose from: the full face mask, the mesh mask, and the simple goggles.

What you chose is up to you but we’ve listed some of the pros and cons of each below:

Full Paintball Mask

The full paintball mask if the best type of mask available. They offer great strength, durability, and safety.

Not only will this style of mask last you many years but it will also be the easiest to play with.

Because the full mask surrounds your entire head it is the least likely to need any type of adjustments.

Also for safety, the mask covers everything including your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, face and head.

They are also incredibly stylish. Some of the best looking masks around are full face masks and are easy to maintain.

Full face masks allow the lens to be separated from the rest of the mask for easy cleaning.

Nearly all professional paintballers will be seen wearing a full paintball mask. If your budget allows for it we highly recommend this style of mask.

Mesh Paintball Mask

This style of mask consists of two components – the mesh material to protect the lower face and ears and the paintball goggles.

These masks are very affordable and extremely lightweight. This is the most popular option for beginners in paintball.

The material is very breathable and therefore very comfortable. They also will require a certain amount of readjusting during gameplay.

Because the mask and the goggles must be purchased separately it is important to try them out together to make sure they work well for you.

The major drawback is that the top of your head and your neck are still exposed. Because of this we still recommend that players always use a full face mask.

Paintball Goggles

Googles were the original form of protection on the paintball field and we do no recommend going this route alone.

Paintball goggles are similar to ski/snowboard goggles – they simple cover ones eyes and are affixed to the face with an elastic strap.

These goggles do not protect the nose, mouth, face or ears of a player. Playing an impact sport like paintball without proper protection is not a good idea.

If you insist on using paintball goggles make sure you at least use a mesh mask as discussed above.  You don’t want to end up with a nasty paintball welt on your face!

Features and Their Importance

When deciding on the best paintball mask there are 10 key features to focus on. These important features are what separates a great paintball mask from just an ordinary one:


This is the most important feature to look at and can vary greatly from person to person. Spending all day on a paintball field with an uncomfortable mask is not going to be fun.

And if you’re not having fun you’re not going to want to keep playing.

If your mask strains you and doesn’t fit right you could end up in a lot of pain – even more pain than a paintball welt.

When trying on new masks be sure to wear it for a few minutes and move around – if it isn’t comfortable, grab a new one.

A Durable Strap

Yes – a comfortable mask is very important – but that mask is useless if you don’t have a proper strap ensuring it stays where it is supposed to.

A good strap will keep a mask in place, snug against your face.

When on the field you shouldn’t be constantly worrying about your mask falling off or having to readjust.


This feature is especially important if you plan on playing paintball regularly.

The mask isn’t exactly the most exciting piece of equipment in paintball so instead of buying low-quality masks regularly it is better to just buy one and use it as long as possible.

High-grade materials make for a better, and more expensive, mask. These masks will last longer and hold up to regular use better.

Field of View

Paintball requires you to be incredibly aware of your surroundings. You must know what is going on around you during the entire match.

A large field of view allows you to better track your opponents and also stay safe while playing.

A poorly designed mask could result in failure to see obstacles around you and opponents who can clearly see you.

You don’t want to be the player on the field who was hit because you fell over a tree stump that you didn’t see.


The best paintball masks all have venting features in the front of the mask. These are important for two reasons:

First, you can breathe better – when running around a paintball field air flow is essential.

Second – communication. Paintball is a team sport and communication can be difficult if you have a solid piece of plastic right in front of your mouth.

Ear Protection

Getting hit directly in the ear with a paintball can not only be painful but have some serious side-effects.

Make sure to pick a paintball mask the fully covers your ears to help prevent injury.

The last thing you want is to suffer an injury to your ear, and potentially lose your hearing.

If you find that masks with basic ear protection are uncomfortable try to find one that offers padded protection.

UV (Ultra Violet Light) Protection

If you’re playing on an outdoor field this applies more so than an indoor field. Running around in the sun all day can strain and damage your eyes.

If you know you’ll be playing outside be sure to buy a mask that offers UV protection on the lenses.

This obviously doesn’t apply if you are playing inside – it’s best to have a mask for both types of play if you plan on playing both.


The weight of the mask is also an important feature to consider. A heavy mask can end up making gameplay a lot more difficult for you.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your neck and shoulders becoming tired in the middle of a match because your mask is too heavy.

The ideal mask should weigh between 1 and 2.5 pounds. Any mask in this range shouldn’t have too much of an impact on your strength.

Range of Motion

This feature relates directly back to our first mention, comfort. Our bodies move -, especially during gameplay.

A face mask should move with our bodies. A certain amount of flexibility is required during gameplay.

Without a flexible mask, you will most likely find yourself constantly readjusting your mask trying to get it back in to place.

An ideal mask should fit snugly around your face and allows you to turn your head freely.


Obviously, most of this boils down to one thing: price. We all have different budgets and even though we would like the best of the best – sometimes we need to stick to what we can afford.

A twice a year player also probably doesn’t need to spend as much or buy the best paintball mask compared to the every weekend player.

Remember that the paintball mask is the most important piece of equipment you will buy – don’t be cheap with your safety. If you can afford a better mask we always recommend going for it.

If you are looking for other gear such as tactical boots or tactical gloves, check out these links.

Final Verdict

Ok, now that you’ve found out all there is to know about the best paintball masks on the market, it’s time to answer the following question:

Which of these do we think is the best?

We feel it’s so obvious that there’s no need to say it – Dye Precision I4 is our top-pick for today.

To put it simply, this is a high-end mask that has all the necessary features (and more) and is a perfect choice for those looking for a top-notch piece of equipment.

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle
  • The Dye Precision i4 Goggle System is the smallest profile, lightest, and best field of vision goggle system available. The thermal...
  • The anatomically correct i4 mask system offers the best in comfort for all facial contours. The i4 is tested at twice the current...
  • The i4 sets the industry standard for anti-fog technology. The thermal lens provides distortion-free optical clarity and a fog free...

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