Improve the Range & Accuracy With the Best Paintball Barrels

Paintball barrels are important to people who enjoy the sport, because it provides them with the accuracy they get from their paintball marker. They differ in length, inside diameter/bore, and the material they are made from, the general consensus when it comes to barrels is that they are the most important upgrade to make on your paintball gun, and that longer barrels give you a more accurate shot than shorter barrels. We have gone through a lot of reviews for paintball barrels, and have come up with a list of the best paintball barrels in 2016.

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#5 J&J Paintball 14″ Ceramic

J&J Paintball 14

This product is made from a combination of aluminum and ceramic, ceramic is applied to the aluminum, while Teflon is also injected into the aluminum pores to make it one of the most durable surfaces available. The barrel is lightweight, very accurate, and easy to clean, as well as quiet. It is reasonably cheap, and provides better accuracy than the stock barrel that most markers come with.

#4 Tippmann Sniper Barrel

Tippmann Sniper

This is a great choice for sharpshooters, it is also an aluminum based barrel that is 16 inches long, that increases your distance shooting. It is micro hones and polished to provide precision accuracy that is better than and standard barrel, and it fits most custom paintball markers. This is a great product for experienced players that need some extra distance and accuracy when they play, and it performs just as well as the overpriced sniper barrels on the market at a much lower price.

#3 DeadlyWind Fibur CF

DeadlyWind Fibur CF

This barrel has a distinct Deadlywind Wisper 3 layer advantage, which consists of a satin twill external aesthetic layer, an ultra strong core with uni directional fibers, laid at strategic angles, and a silkfiber weave internal layer, for a smooth paint resistant surface. It is made from carbon fiber materials, and is lightweight, quiet, and accurate. DeadlyWind Fibur CF also uses Freak replaceable inserts, which allows one barrel with a few inserts do the job of multiple barrels. It is a little pricier than some of the barrels on this list, but it is worth it because of the multiple functions it can serve.

#2 Empire 2016 Super Freak Kits

 Empire 2014 Super Freak

This top of the line kit comes with five bore inserts, which means you can use virtually any size paintball with the barrel; it comes with three barrels so you can use the one that fits your needs. The 14 inch carbon fiber barrel is great for taking quiet shots, the 14 inch aluminum barrel tip increases your accuracy, and the 17 inch APEX2 barrel tip allows you to shoot at greater distances accurately. The product comes with an O-ring, which prevents them from rattling loose when you fire your marker, and comes with a bag for easy storage.

#1 DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber

DeadlyWind Null

This is another quality product from Deadlywind, it is a straight bore carbon fiber barrel that is very light, accurate and quiet. It is the lightest barrel ever, but it is also strong enough to be driven over by a car. It also has the Deadlywind Wisper 3 layer advantage, and it is ready to use, without any inserts. The best part about this barrel is that not only is it the best barrel you can buy; it isn’t as expensive as some of the barrels on this list.

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