Azodin Blitz 3 Review – Decent Budget Paintball Marker

The Azodin Blitz 3 is compact, user-friendly and quite efficient in the paintball playing field. If we can ignore the reported trigger issues, it’s an excellent buy for both new and intermediate paintballers. If you are looking for a gun that’s less likely to cause problems – check out our Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition Review.

Azodin Blitz 3 Review

If you are shopping around for a functional paintball gun with impressive features, I would suggest that you consider the Azodin Blitz 3. This model gun has attracted varying reviews from users, but what you can’t deny is that it offers you a unique way of experiencing paintball fun with your buddies.

The marker is definitely an improvement on its predecessors. It combines high tech features with an efficiency that you won’t easily find in other paintball guns within the same price range.

The Azodin Blitz 3 has created quite a buzz in the paintballing circles, thanks to its variety of amazing features that offer you the ultimate paintball experience. Let us look at what you can expect from this one-of-a-kind marker:

Azodin Blitz 3 (Black)


Nice Design and Feel

The Azodin Blitz 3 is tremendously lightweight! At only 2.03 pounds, you’ll have an easy time moving around the play zone. This also means that your hands won’t be tired and sore even after a whole day of shooting.

The paintball gun features a steel-coated and braided airline that is convenient for playing long games. And this is reinforced by the nylon composite frame that ensures the gun can tolerate intense games. Overall, the Blitz 3 spots the standard look of a paintball marker.

Presently, you can find it in 6 different color shades online; my choice being the cool and clean black version. The combo package offered by Maddog is good value for money if you need all the extra paintball gear.

However, this gun has received a fair share of negative reviews which I attribute to possible factory problems at Azodin. This has led to faulty guns that may sometimes be delivered broken and inaccurate. You’d want to watch out for this!


When you consider efficiency, you won’t find a better-rounded marker! The Blitz 3 lightweight yet robust construction allows you to carry and operate it throughout the game comfortably. This also ensures that you’ll remain agile when your friends are losing their stamina.

Beginners will find it quite user-friendly, even in tight positions and maneuvers that require you to bend or crawl. This gun provides you with high performance under pressure. Its flexibility and mobility allow you to keep on hitting the target in tight angles and situations.

The Azodin Blitz 3 also uses less gas than the majority of markers on the market today, including its brother, the Kaos 2. This is thanks to improved technology that enables it to run smoothly and save you the trouble of constantly refilling the gas.

Durable – Unless you get a unit with a faulty trigger

Many users have complained that the trigger gets stuck or jammed after the first use, this seems to be a factory defect. If you buy this gun on Amazon and it has trigger issues, send it back and Azodin will ship you a new one free of charge.

The Blitz 3 is very durable for a paintball gun in this weight class! The frame comprises a long-lasting, nylon-reinforced composite that allows the gun to be featherweight yet still formidable. This helps to ensure that any falls, dives, rolls, or jumps won’t tear it apart.

You also get a smooth and robust grip so that you don’t keep on dropping the gun under pressure. There are no pieces that dig into your palms or wrists and, therefore, no blisters or soreness to deal with after an intense day of paintballing.


Compared to other alternative entry-level markets today, I would say that this gun is limited in the features it offers.

However, you’d be glad to know that it supports easy upgrades and modifications to suit different shooting styles. By attaching extra features and accessories, you get to improve its performance. For instance, an upgrade of the barrel will see that your shots are quieter. I consider this property to allow upgrades for the Blitz 3 to be a total savior.

Low Noise

For a gun with this much power, the Azodin Blitz 3 is remarkably quiet. It might just be the maker for those who prefer to sneak around the play zone and “kill the enemies softly”.

It makes you practically invisible when your friends can’t hear you! However, not all users concur with this attribute. Some people consider the gun to be quite noisier than other options. Not to mention that it has a little recoil that will affect the accuracy of the subsequent shots you take.

These minor faults can be traced back to the Stack-tube Blowback that sucks in plenty of air to blowback the bolt. And although the recoil and noise can be rectified by adding Azodin’s Zero Recoil Operating System, I’m not sure you’ll be impressed by the additional cost.

Good Warranty

I like the generous warranty policy that Azodin offers its clients. The one-year warranty you get for acquiring the Blitz 3 allows you ample time to work out any bugs or issues you may encounter with a promise that they will be fixed at no cost.

Final Verdict

The Azodin Blitz 3 is a marker I would recommend if you do not mind spending time getting a replacement due to potential factory defects, otherwise, I would pass there are manufacturers with better quality control. When functioning at full capacity it is a nice option for both beginner and intermediate players. It is quite user-friendly and offers you a comfortable time in the playing field. It’s lightweight yet formidable construction ensures that you’ll keep on using it for a lifetime, as long as you get one who’s trigger works properly from the start.

The Azodin Blitz 3 doesn’t offer much wiggle room for customization, but this shouldn’t give you sleepless nights, especially if you are just getting acquainted with the sport. For a more customizable gun in the same price range, check out our Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition Review.

If you are looking for a functional paintball gun to use with little need for extra stuff, the Blitz 3 is the gun for you! 

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  • Compact and lightweight for ideal handling
  • Durable and very tough to break
  • Compatible with both CO2 and HAS
  • Efficient in gas usage
  • Comfortable and sturdy grip
  • Flexible to use
  • Long barrel for improved accuracy
  • Average noise
  • Four different firing options


  • Average design that won't impress some
  • Potential factory issues
  • Lots of users reporting trigger jam issues
  • Screw lock feed neck less effective than clamping feed neck


Accuracy - 7
Range - 8
Weight - 10
Noise - 8
Durability - 6
Price - 8

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