The 5 Best Tactical Pants To Protect Your Legs

Having the right gear when you go paintballing is very important because they protect you from injuries that can occur when you are paintballing, better than regular clothes, which aren’t made for the wear and tear that occur during paintball. One of the most overlooked paintball accessories are tactical pants. Wearing the best tactical pants will protect you from cuts and bruises to your knees, and have extra padding to absorb the impact of a paintball.

In an effort to make it easier for you to choose a good protective gear, we have gone through a lot of tactical pants reviews, to give you a list of the best tactical pants available in 2016, which we have listed below.

Our Top 5 Best Tactical Pants

#5 TRU-SPEC Men’s Xtreme Tactical Response Uniform Pants

TRU-SPEC Men's Xtreme

This is a very comfortable pair of tactical pants, made from 50 percent cotton and 50 percent nylon. TRU-SPEC has external pockets for knee pads; the waistband construction is a custom fit slider, which eliminates the need for side tabs. The crotch area is gusseted in a diamond shape, allowing you to move with ease, and it had two upper leg and lower leg pockets, giving you enough storage space for your paintballs and other necessities.

#4 Propper Men’s 65P/35C ACU Trouser


Propper men’s ACU Trouser are made from polyester and cotton, and have a drawstring waist to provide you with a secure fit. It comes in camouflage colors, which allow you to blend into your environment when playing outdoors, it has eight pockets, which should be more than enough to store all your equipment and other things you need, and two external holes to insert your knee pads.

If you’re looking for camouflage-style pants then these are the best tactical pants available.

#3 Blackhawk Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pant

Blackhawk Men's Lightweight

This is a lightweight pair of tactical pants that make it easy for you to move around very easily. It has large cargo pockets that allow you to store magazines, flashlights, knives, and thing else you need to take with you while playing, it is made with a water repellent Teflon material, that keeps you dry in wet weather, and a zippered back pocket that keeps your wallet secure. They are a very stylish pair of pants that come in different colors and can be worn while going on a hike, or in casual situations.

#2 Propper Men’s Canvas Tactical Pant

Propper Men's Canvas

With nine pockets, these pants have enough room to store anything you need to while playing, from your wallet, smartphone, magazines, and any other item you deem necessary. It is made from a rugged canvas material, which is very strong and durable, with a Teflon fabric protector that repel liquids and stains, and a belt that matches the color of the pants. These are some of the best tactical pants available today.

#1 Men’s 5.11 Stryke Pants

Men's 5.11 Stryke Pants

These are premium imported tactical pants; they are made from 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. The material is fade and stain resistant and provides you with comfort and durability. The pockets are low profile angled and give you easy access to whatever you are storing in them. The knees have interior holes for knee pads, which allow you to wear the pants without people noticing the pads. Men’s 5.11 Stryke is very stylish; they can be worn for different occasions, and are very reasonably priced.

We especially like these pants because of their clean-cut and stylish look. Chances are no one would give you a second look if you wore these out on the paintball field or out to dinner.

How to Choose the Best Tactical Pants for You

When it comes to tactical pants for serious paintballers, one must realize that the difference between two pairs of pants can make the difference between winning your matches or losing them.

Have you ever thought it would be a good idea to wear your suit and jacket out onto the paintball field? Not wearing the right gear, and thinking you can play a game of paintball in the pants you cycled to the site with, will not only hinder your chances of winning, but also could put your safety at risk. Just like a paintball mask and goggles the right pair of pants can help you stay safe and injury free.

Not all tactical pants are designed alike – some have different features than others. For example, some may use drawstrings instead of a belt to hold them up – this can be problematic when trying to carry extra gear from your waistband. Still, other styles of pants come with knee pad pockets to protect your knees from injuries such as impact or sharp rocks.

The storage made available by each set of pants is particularly important as it allows you to carry more gear and supplies than other players.  It would be great to have some extra space to store a paintball grenade or some tools to help clear out a clogged gun if it happened. All of these little details actually play a huge roll in your success out on the paintball field.

Best Tactical Pants Features

It is important to keep in mind exactly what you want to use your tactical pants for. In regards to paintball it is important to consider the following features before making a purchase:


Obviously, you should only be shopping for pants that are in your price range. Set a budget before you start and stick to it. Realize that if you do set a lower budget you may have to settle on a pair of pants that don’t have all the features you are looking for.


This is the most important item – your tactical pants should be comfortable! You don’t want to be stuck out on a paintball field all day long playing in uncomfortable pants. After buying your pants wear them around, try jumping, running and crawling in them.  Make sure they are comfortable and don’t impair your range of motion at all.


Are you planning on playing during the summer months or in a warm climate?  Be sure your pants breathe easily and allow fresh air inside. Stay away from pants with high amounts of polyester or elastics (aside from the was it band).

On the other hand, are you playing during winter or in a cold climate? Pick a well-insulated pair of pants that will keep you warm. Some pants even offer double layers of cotton and polyester – these are great options and will also help better protect against paintball bruises and welts.

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