Prevent Welts on Your Hands With The Best Tactical Gloves in 2023

When you want to play paintball or airsoft, it is important that you have the right equipment for performance and safety including masks, pants and so on.

Paintball gloves are a piece of equipment that serves both purposes. The hands are a part of the body that gets shot at a lot, and at close distances the shots hurt, and leave a huge welt on your hands, if you wear protective gloves, they take some of the sting off the shot, and prevent welts on your hands. Paintball gloves also help improve your performance when playing, because you will be able to get a better grip on the gun, especially in wet condition, and still shoot accurately.

To make the process of selecting which paintball gloves you need easier, we have gone through a lot of tactical gloves review, and have come up with a list of the best tactical gloves and paintball gloves of 2016, which we have listed below.

#5 HWI Gear K-9 Handlers

hwi gear

These are nylon gloves, constructed from HAR Clarino and SBA 180 Clarino to provide resistance against wear and abrasion, it is reinforced in the palm, and designed to provide flexibility when using them. It has an Ergonomic cut that provides dexterity when handling firearms, and has foam protection on the thumb and index finger to protect them from injury if a door slams on your hand. These gloves were designed with the help of police officers, so you can handle firearms safely in most conditions.

#4 Condor Nomex Tactical Hard Knuckle

Condor Nomex

Condor Nomex are made from quality goat skin leather; they have a double layer of leather reinforcement on the palm and knuckles, with extra padding on the back of the fingers and palm, with an extra hard shell to protect the knuckles. These gloves are great for handling firearms, especially larger firearms like rifles.

#3 Valken V-TAC Full Finger

Valken V-TAC

Valken V-TAC can handle any weapon, the palms are protected with anti abrasion padding, and it has a flexible plastic armor to protect the rest of the hand. These gloves are great when paintballing because they can withstand a shot to the hand or fingers without and serious bruising.

#2 1 Pair Outdoor Sports Fingerless Military Tactical Airsoft Hunting Cycling

Outdoor Sports

The product is made from nylon, with a design that gives you a better grip than a full glove. The tips of your fingers are free, and allow you to pull the trigger without worrying about your fingers slipping off, which is a problem with some gloves. It is also made with premium leather, which ensures maximum performance, it provides protection from drips that can come from sweaty palms, and has strategically placed foam, to protect the back of your hand.

#1 HWI Gear KTS100 Touchscreen Hard Knuckle

the best choice

HWI Gear KTS100 are made from Kevlar, which provides you with the ultimate protection, the fingertips have synthetic rubber, so you are capable of using your touchscreen electronics or anything else that uses a touchscreen without having to remove the gloves, the palm is reinforced with Clarino grip material, which is resistant to abrasion, and it has a flexible material at the back of the hand. These are the best tactical gloves in 2016 if you play paintball or handle firearms actively.

Best Tactical Gloves Features

We really love using tactical gloves here at PBGuy – the last thing you want is to skip on a pair of gloves and get hit on the top of your hand with a paintball – that’ll hurt and leave one hell of a paintball bruise! To help you chose the best tactical gloves try reading through the following factors and features to look for:


As with all purchases you must first establish the budget you are working with. There is no sense in wasting time looking at a pair of gloves that you can’t afford. Establish a budget and work your way from there.


Your gloves must be comfortable! No one should be playing a fun sport like paintball in uncomfortable gear! Check out the different fabrics and styles – compare them to one another and be sure to get a glove that is comfortable.

The most important aspect of comfort is size – make sure you buy the right size. A pair of gloves that are too large will result in constant readjustment and a pair a size too small could cut off circulation or impair your range of motion.


This is a key factor to consider. Because gloves are made for your hands they will be subject to the most works of all your equipment. Think about it – you’ll be loading your gun, aiming and firing it – all with your hands. You may have to get down on your hands and knees and crawl to avoid opponents.

Be sure to get a good pair of durable gloves so you don’t have to replace them constantly.


If you’re playing outside especially be sure that your gloves are weatherproofed. Whether its rain, sleet or snow you’ll want gloves that can hold up to whatever weather you are playing in. We recommend all gloves be waterproof to avoid any accidental damage caused by rain or even cleaning.


Like the durability your gloves should also be very flexible and easy to move in. Your hands are very important in the sport of paintball – you don’t want to make the game more difficult than it has to be. Make sure you gloves fit snug but allow your hands and fingers their full range of motion.

Padding and Protection

Padding in the gloves is extremely important – the top side of your hand is a very vulnerable area and you want to make sure it is protected. Some gloves that aren’t designed for paintball don’t have this padding. We recommend you avoid any gloves that don’t have proper padding and protection.

Flame Resistant

Although this isn’t important for paintball it is a nice feature to have in case you use your gloves for other activities. Nomex or Kevlar are two brands that both offer flame resistant gloves.

Cut Resistant

For extra durability be sure to check for gloves that are made from cut resistant fabrics and materials. I’ve been on more than one paintball field that had thorn bushes and you don’t want to ruin a good pair of gloves.

Good luck on the field and we hope you’ve found this guide helpful in finding the best tactical gloves for paintball. They are a great accessory to have and many players overlook them. Our top recommendation is the HWI Gear KTS100

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