Top 5 Best Knee Braces For Tactical Games and Paintball in 2023

Knee Braces are an important piece of gear to have when you are paintballing, because they help to protect your knees from scrapes and serious injuries, which are likely to occur if you aren’t wearing them. A lot of people decide not to wear knee braces because they feel they are too bulky, and limit their mobility, but there are a lot of knee braces to choose from, that are very light, and minimally affect your movement. To help you decide on which knee brace is right for you, we have gone through some knee brace reviews and have come up with a list of the best knee brace to buy.

5. McDavid Knee Support Open/Patella


This is a nylon brace that provides durability and flexibility, making it perfect for paintballers. The brace offers support for people that are suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis. It has an open knee design that provides the user with extra comfort around the patella. The back of the knee has a seamless design that provides all around comfort, and the neoprene provides compression therapy. While this is a great knee brace, it doesn’t come in a size that fits bigger people.

4. Knee Brace and Support by TUFFBRACE ATHLETICS

4th place

These knee braces are great for people who are constantly on the move, they have a two fully adjustable sizes for you to choose from, and they have 3 millimeters of neoprene to provide you with more comfort. These braces are great for walking and running, they are also great for people that are coming off an ACL injury, or a meniscus tear, and people with arthritis. The braces also provide a moderate amount of compression, with the warmth improving circulation. This is a great knee brace to use, but since it is fastened by Velcro, it tends to come loose easily.

3. McDavid Ligament Knee Support


This knee brace provides a very comfortable and secure fit for your knee, it is designed to provide a snug fit for your knee, and can feel tight at first, but it will eventually soften up and feel comfortable. It has a two sided construction that ensures its durability, it can be used on either knee, and it comes with two Velcro straps and four elastic straps that provide extra support for your ligaments, while giving you increased motion and mobility.

2. Pro-Tec Athletics Gel Force Knee Sleeve


This is a sleeve that fully protects your knees and lower parts of your thighs. The sleeve has a thick gel that provides stabilization to the knees, while absorbing dynamic forces. The fabric is light and breathable, which reduces and fabric irritation, and keeps the skin dry. It is made of a material that stretches four ways, while providing compression that allows you to have a full range of motion. This knee brace allows you to move around as if you don’t have a brace on, unfortunately, it only comes with one in the box, which means you have to buy a second one to have a complete set for both knees.

1. Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter with Bilateral Hinges


When it comes to knee support, this is as good as it gets, it has bilateral support hinges that provide protection and stability, while increasing your performance. The neoprene is air flow vented, and provides a moisturized compression, that gives the user therapeutic healing and warmth. If you are looking for a great knee brace that isn’t too tight, and won’t fall off during use, this is the brace to buy.

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