Empire SYX – Paintball Gun Review

The Empire SYX is a high-quality tournament marker that will hold its own against the top-level paintball guns available in the market. With its streamlined design and dependable performance, it is just what you need to get back at the competition. Empire SYX Review The Empire SYX paintball gun is the latest release from Empire’s AXE series of markers. This 6th generation entrant is based on the A...[Read More]



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Planet Eclipse Emek Review – The Best Woodsball Gun [Mechanical]

The Planet Eclipse Emek is a compact, lightweight, and sturdy paintball marker that offers great shooting performance. It is a practical option for those looking for an exciting mechanical marker experience.   Planet Eclipse Emek Review Spending time with your friends at the paintball playground can make for such a fun time, but it gets even better when you have the right marker by your side....[Read More]


What is Airsoft? – A Quick Guide

So, your small boy keeps on nudging you to take him to the airsoft field and you’re wondering what the devil he is talking about. If the word “airsoft” sounds foreign to you, you’ve come to the right place! Our parents’ guide to airsoft should help you comprehend airsoft from a parent’s perspective so that you don’t look lost the next time your kid brings up the subject. What is Airsoft? Air...[Read More]


Paintball is a competitive combat sport in which participants compete, either individually or as a team, to eliminate their opponents from the game by hitting them with dye-filled capsules known as paintballs



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Tippmann TMC – Paintball Gun Review [2019]

The Tippmann TMC is a durable, reliable, and comfortable marker that you’ll enjoy having on the battlefield. Its high-quality build and variety of superior features ensure that it is the most sought after magfed gun in the industry today.  Tippmann TMC Review Tippman has earned the reputation for combining the best features to produce solid budget paintball guns. You’d be glad to know that th...[Read More]

5 Best Paintball Hoppers Of 2019: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

This post was updated on: There are quite a few vital pieces of paintball equipment you’ll need to gather before you can step onto the field with confidence – and besides the more obvious things, such as the actual paintball marker and protective gear, no paintball setup is complete without a hopper. So, let’s use this opportunity to go over some of the best paintball hoppers together! The Proto P...[Read More]



Dye Proto Rize Review- Precision and Maxxed Tested

Both the Proto Rize Precision and Maxxed deliver as excellent mid-range paintball guns. Both are extremely reliable, but we actually think the precision comes at better value for money. The Precision The Maxxed Dye Proto Rize Review The DYE Proto Rize paintball gun is one hell of a marker for the price.  The DYE comes with a unique feature called the Rize Fusion Bolt.  This patented piec...[Read More]



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Planet Eclipse Gtek Review [2019] – Comparing the 170r vs its rivals

The Planet Eclipse Gtek is a lightweight, durable, and low maintenance paintball gun that has proven to be both reliable and efficient. It is just the kind of mid-range marker you need to make the most of your paintball experience. Planet Eclipse Gtek Review The Gtek is legit, watch any paintball Youtube channel, or follow any competitive player and you will understand why everyone who knows paint...[Read More]

5 Best Paintball Tanks Of 2019: Reviews & Buying Guide

This post was updated on: So, you have your paintball gun ready, and all that’s stopping you from getting out in the field and having some fun is the fact that you haven’t found the right paintball tank for your marker? No need to worry – this guide is all about helping you choose among some of the best paintball tanks on the market and finding the one that fits your needs perfectly! Let’s get str...[Read More]



Empire Mini GS – Paintball Gun Review [2019]

The Empire Mini GS is a lightweight, comfortable, quiet, and functional marker that you can rely on the paintball play zone. It is the perfect size for kids but adults with large hands might find it uncomfortable to use. Aside from the minor manufacturing issues, it gets a nod from PBGuy. Empire Mini GS Review The Empire Mini GS paintball gun has caused quite a buzz in the paintball world for prov...[Read More]

Top 5 Best Paintball Pistols [2019] Reviews & Buying Guide

This post was updated on: Are you interested in giving paintball a try and you need the perfect paintball pistol for the job? Well, the good news is that paintball players nowadays have more options available on the market than ever! The bad news, however, is that choosing the right pistol for your needs can be a pretty daunting task. So, take your time, go through the best paintball pistols revie...[Read More]

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