Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle of 2017

Having the right sniper rifle is important, especially if you like shooting from a distance, finding the right sniper rifle can be a hassle, because you have to find one that can go a long distance, and still maintain its accuracy. To make it easier for you to find the right airsoft sniper rifle or a pistol that fits your needs, we have gone through a lot of airsoft sniper rifle reviews, and have selected the five best reviewed sniper rifles of 2017, and have listed them below.

#5 CYMA M187D Bolt Action FPS-550


This is a unique sniper rifle that is full metal with a SR-2 modular bolt action; it has a weaver rail that is good for mounting optics, a pistol grip, and an M4 collapsible and adjustable rear stock. It is a very heavy rifle with a full metal sniper barrel that gives it plenty of range and accuracy, shooting up to 460 FPS. The rifle also comes with a lightweight and versatile bipod that allows you to move around very effectively, and rest your rifle on almost any surface.

#4 Ruger Blackhawk Combo

Ruger Blackhawk Combo

This is a spring piston, break barrel, single shot rifle, with a fully adjustable all weather composite fiber optic sight, which includes a 4×32 mount and scope. It comes with a 4x magnification, 32 millimeter lens, it is heavy, very strong, and has a sniper barrel that gives it a lot of distance, and is very accurate, all the things that a sniper rifle should be.

#3 Gamo Hornet .177 Caliber

Gamo Hornet

Gamo Hornet  has an 18 inch barrel, with a single break barrel cocking system that has a manual trigger safety. The barrel is a fluted polymer steel barrel, the gun comes with a 4×32 riflescope, and it has a velocity of 1,200 FPS, which is very fast. It is a spring operated rifle, and it comes with an all weather stock, an adjustable trigger, and a ventilated recoil pad. This is a very powerful sniper rifle that should be handled with care, to avoid unnecessary accidents.

#2 Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston

Benjamin Titan

Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston is a break barrel, gas piston with an 11 millimeter dovetail; it has ambidextrous, thumbhole stock, with a muzzle brake for added leverage. It has a two stage adjustable trigger, it’s quieter than other break barrel guns, and has reduced vibrations, due to the gas piston. With this gun you get to hit longer targets with more accuracy, while enjoying quicker cocking and shooting. It is slightly more expensive than the other guns on this list, but the quality of the gun makes it worth it.

#1 Gamo Silent Cat

the best product

This is the best sniper rifle of 2016, it comes with a 4×32 scope, mounts and ammunition, it is a high powered air gun designed for adults to use, it is powerful enough to use to hunt small game, or for pest control purposes. It has a non removable noise dampener that reduces the noise it makes by over 50 percent, and it has a velocity of 1,200 FPS. This gun is made from black synthetic stock that can withstand any weather, with a ventilated rubber pad to help with recoil absorption. This is a very durable gun, but it does come with a one year warranty in the event that something is wrong with it. If you are looking for a great airsoft sniper rifle, this is the one to get.

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