Selecting The Best Airsoft Gun/Pistol

When it comes to airsoft sport, the most important thing to have is obviously protective gear and a gun, you can rent it if you are a casual participant, but if you go airsofting on a regular basis, it is better to have your own gun, because you will find a gun that you can customize to fit your needs, instead of using the generic guns that most places rent out.

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a gun; do you want a pistol, a sniper rifle, or an assault rifle? We have sorted through a lot of products, to come up with a list of the best airsoft pistols and guns in 2023 to buy, and we have them listed below.

In a Hurry? The Best Airsoft Pistol for 2023 Is…

Elite Force Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun
  • Compact size, 6 millimeter BB airsoft gun
  • High strength polymer construction
  • Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at up to 400 fps

What to look for in an Airsoft Pistol

If you are searching for an airsoft pistol, you should know that there are different types that the industry offers. Depending on your needs and preferences, you might be required to consider different parameters to find the right fit for you. Generally, your decision will be influenced by the following factors:


The major thing you are going to look at when choosing a pistol is the type of propulsion mechanism you want on your gun. There are three kinds; CO2/gas, spring action, and electric pistols, and each comes with its benefits and disadvantages.

  • CO2 pistols

All airsoft pistols will allow you to get closer to cover, presenting you with an easy target, but it’s only CO2 guns that will provide you with more consistent projectile velocities. These pistols employ pressurized 12g cartridges of CO2. Some guns store the cartridge in their grip while others hold it in the magazine. The benefit of CO2 pistols is that they are not affected by extreme temperatures. 

  • Spring Action Pistols

Spring action pistons act as great backup airsoft guns. You may not be able to pull off sniper shots using your spring pistol, but it will help you cover an entrance as you ready your primary rifle again. These guns are also less costly compared to the other two options and make great budget options.

They are also a good choice for novice airsoft enthusiasts who want to get into the world of airsoft without breaking the bank.

  • Airsoft Electric Pistols

AEPs tend to blend the best features of the Airsoft Electric Gun world with the compact build of a pistol. While gas-powered pistols are great, you should know that even the best gas-blowbacks are affected by adverse weather. In extreme heat and cold, the gas pistol may not function as well or jam completely. 

On the other hand, an AEP will work seamlessly in such a situation, the same way your rifle will. However, AEPs don’t offer the realism of blowback action. The electric motors can’t move the frame and fire the BB. And given that most AEPs fire in full, as well as semi-auto, they end up making great sidearms for snipers.  

Resilience and Reliability

Another thing to look at is the durability of the airsoft pistol. Just how long is it going to serve you for at a high performance. This question will require you to consider several issues. While some manufacturers have a reputation for creating solid products, others will produce knock-offs and sway you with their throw away prices.

Apart from that, some products may fall through the loopholes of quality control, and end up in the same batch as superior products. This, therefore, doesn’t guarantee that you will end up with the desired quality by merely going for a certain top brand.

Also, look for a pistol that can easily be fixed; one that you can readily access its replaceable parts.

Stock Performance and Upgrades

If you are new to airsoft, you’ll want something that, out of the box, offers you the kind of power and accuracy you are looking for. But keep in mind that the muzzle velocity does not necessarily reflect the level of accuracy. A hop-up unit will also be useful in this case.

A pistol lacking a hop-up will have limited accuracy, and you won’t be in a position to adjust the accuracy. If you want to upgrade the pistol you’ve acquired, you must select a gun with aftermarket support. The right choice will offer you the luxury of cosmetic upgrades. 


Price is another consideration that should come about naturally. These pistols range from the budget models to top-shelf offerings that will cost you an arm and a leg. While you may be looking at what your financial position allows, take care not to buy anything under $100. 

This doesn’t mean that the priciest pistol is always the highest quality. Let the reputation of the manufacturer guide you in making the right choice, especially if you are still new to airsofts. 

Miscellaneous Factors

Finally, more low-key considerations might prove to be essential in the long run. For instance, if you shoot with your left hand, you will require ambidextrous controls. Do you want a pistol that is big, weighty, and full metal?

Besides, if you own a specific type of primary rifle, you may desire to get its airsoft pistol counterpart. Are you trying to mimic a certain action hero? Numerous choices can assist you to satisfy every little detail you are looking for. 

Elite Force Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun
Umarex 2276008 Combat Zone Enforcer Rating: 92/100 Click for Latest Deal
Colt 100th Anniversary 1911 CO2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol
Colt 100th Anniversary 1911 Co2 Full Metal Rating: 89/100 Click for Latest Deal
Game Face Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol
Crosman Stinger P311 Rating: 87/100 Click for Latest Deal
Walther CP99 Compact air pistol
Walther CP99 Compact Rating: 85/100 Click for Latest Deal
Soft Air Taurus 24/7 Airsoft Pistol, CO2
Soft Air Taurus PT24 Rating: 77/100 Click for Latest Deal

Why you need an Airsoft Pistol?

There are various situations whereby an airsoft pistol becomes useful to you. These can be summarized into:

  • The Tactical Option

Switching your weapon to a small pistol is an invaluable tactic in an airsoft field, especially in close-up situations. Less of your body is exposed to the enemy when peeking to fire with your pistol than when you are aiming with a rifle. If you are a sniper in the field, a sidearm becomes an especially essential piece in your arsenal. 

While you might be covered during long-range encounters, the same cannot be said in close combat; if anything, your sniper rifle will be rendered useless. Only an airsoft pistol can save you in such a situation.

  • Pistol Only

If you are tired of bearing the weight of a rifle throughout the game, a sidearm enables you to leave it at the staging area and continue the game with a more manageable weapon. In fact, it can end up working to your advantage because your mobility is notably enhanced even though you won’t outshoot a rifle at medium and long-range.

All you need is an airsoft pistol and a few magazines to destroy your enemies!

  • Affordable Option

An airsoft pistol is a viable option for those looking to buy a weapon without spending more than they’d wish. It is the cheapest alternative among all the airsoft weapons you can get. However, you wouldn’t want to make this choice if you are still new to airsoft.

This is because an airsoft rifle will serve you better as a beginner and get you better acquainted with the basics of airsoft guns. Although a sidearm won’t be as effective as a rifle, it will still get the job done and spare your hard-earned savings. 

Best Airsoft Pistols- The Review

#8 KWA M93R-2

KWA M93R-2 Gas Blowback 6mm 32rd Full Metal Airsoft Pistol
  • Gas System: New Structure (NS2)
  • Velocity: 330+ fps with 0. 20 gram BB's
  • Adjustable Hop-Up

This one of the coolest and most versatile options you can find for an airsoft pistol. It is compact and lightweight, making it comfortable in your hands and comes with the option for short burst and semi-automatic modes. 

It is an excellent sidearm for snipers who are looking for more firepower to replace their standard pistol. The gun features a folding foregrip for easy control and its magazine holds 32 rounds of ammunition. This rock-solid capacity ensures that you only need to flip a switch to continue bursting out those BBs at 360-380 FPS.

Its full metal construction makes it durable and ideal for the airsoft field. The green gas-powered blowback pistol uses the efficient KWA NS2 system to offer you consistent shots every time you fire. The Beretta 93R fits in the majority of cloth type M9 holsters, although there are dedicated holsters available. 

It also comes with an extended barrel and large magazine which is bigger than usual but enhances the effectiveness of the platform. Few pistols can rival the M93R as far as versatility and looks are concerned. 

#7 Dan Wesson Magnum

ASG Dan Wesson 6" CO2 Powered Air Revolver
  • Licensed by Dan Wesson
  • Fixed front sight
  • Weaver-style rail for tactical accessories

If you love antiques, this cool revolver will bring a twinkle to your eye. It is a modern airsoft pistol that features a dash of old-school groove, with inspiration from a magnum revolver. its six-shooting powerhouse can shoot out BBs at up to 499 FPS, providing you with sheer power in the airsoft field. 

This pistol comes in various barrel lengths, starting from 4 inches to 8 inches. It is C02 powered and consists of an adjustable rear sight. Its full metal construction and 6 brass shells give it a rugged build. The gas compartment is concealed in its ergonomic grip and makes for easy swapping.

The Dan Wesson Magnum is a single and double action revolver that will strike the fear of the Lord into your enemies. Its intimidating look and ease of use make it the ideal partner in the airsoft field. 

#6 ASG CZ-P09

ASG CZ P-09 Gas Powered Airsoft Pistol with Outer Barrel Threading
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Officially licensed by Ceska Zbrojovka
  • Realistic blowback action

This is a modern tactical expression on the CZ 75 series of pistols. It features a polymer frame, three dot sights, and an integral Picatinny rail. This ASG variant incorporates all the latest improvements of the actual P09.

This pistol runs on a gas blowback system and comes with a magazine that carries 25 rounds of ammunition. It also can shoot BBs at 279 FPS and has an adjustable hop-up to offer you improved accuracy when shooting.

The sidearm further comprises a metal slide, as well as an outer metal barrel. A nice full-size grip ensures that the gun remains in place when you hold it in your arms, giving you more control over the system while helping to reduce recoil.

#5 Soft Air Taurus PT24/7 CO2 Powered Pistol

Soft Air Taurus 24/7 Airsoft Pistol, CO2
  • Officially Licensed by Taurus
  • Polymer Build with 375 FPS w/ .20g BBs
  • 15rd. Mag

This is a great product for any airsoft gun fan to have, it shoots 380FPS, and can hold 12 BB ammo in its magazine, it has a lower tactical rail, which allows you to bring any extra tactical equipment you need, and uses a BAX shooting system. The only problem that this high performing accurate gun has is that it doesn’t come with a BB loader, so you have to buy it separately.

#4 Walther CP99 Compact

This compacted version of the Walther P99 is modeled after the gun used by special forces as their back-up pistol – and it is a very impressive looking gun. One of the most popuar CO2 powered BB air pistols ever the Walther CP99  captures realism with its BLOWBACK, semi-automatic action and features a Picatinny mount to allow easy installation of accessories such as a Walther Laser Sight. The CO2 cylinder (12g) loads in the back of the grip and the BB magazine releases with the push of a realistic magazine release lever. The recoil action made live by the power of CO2 kicks the slide back giving you that oh-so-realistic feel. This is the best pistol for target games and proud owners of the P99 Compact or similar arms.

#3 Crosman Stinger P311

Game Face Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol
  • STINGER P311 REPEATER AIRSOFT PISTOL - With lever safety
  • SPRING-POWERED - With 12-round drop-out magazine

Crosman Stinger P311 resembles the military pistols the United States used in the past, it is spring powered, and shoots up to 325 FPS, with a 12 shot magazine that is easy to load. It is a great gun for beginners that is very accurate, won’t break easily, and is very affordable. Crosman Stinger P311 is very powerful and can do some serious damage to exposed skin, so it should be handled with care.

If you’re in the market for something affordable and functional, the Stinger P311 is your best bet.

#2 Colt 100th Anniversary 1911 Co2 Full Metal

This is a commemorative replica of the World War II Colt 1911, that is made to scale, giving it the most realistic look and feel of any airsoft gun in this list, it shoots 360 FPS, and has a blowback that is as realistic as they come, it is a semi automatic pistol with a full metal body and textured grip that enhances its authentic feel. It is more expensive than the other guns on this list, but the attention they paid to the details of the original Colt 1911, and its performance make it worth the price.

If you don’t mind spending a bit extra, the SoftAir Colt 1911 is the way to go. This pistol offers the most authentic MilSim experience.

#1 Umarex 2276008 Combat Zone Enforcer

Elite Force Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun
  • Compact size, 6 millimeter BB airsoft gun
  • High strength polymer construction
  • Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft BBs at up to 400 fps

The Enforcer is a compact size pistol that shoots 6mm airsoft BBs. Velocity speeds can reach 400 FPS. Powered by CO2 and equipped with a stock 15-round drop-free metal magazine this pistol really delivery great value and performance.  Also worth noting it the integrated accessory rail and fixed sights that come standard with this airsoft pistol – this ships ready for modification right from the factory. This lightweight pistol is built for speed an accuracy.  With the perfect trigger for speed this is the fastest shooting pistol around.

The specifications of this pistol, coupled with it’s affordability and reliability, make it our #1 Airsoft Pistol of 2023.


How do I Improve my Airsoft Pistol’s Range and Accuracy?

This is a step-by-step process, with each step improving the accuracy in your pistol. You can choose to stop at any step, as long as you feel you have achieved the level of accuracy you were aiming for. 

  •  Use Heavier BBs

If you use BBs lighter than 0.25g, try upgrading to something heavier. At 0.23g, you start to notice improvements on quality and by the time you get to 0.25g, the boost in accuracy will be clear to you. The higher your pistol’s velocity, the heavier the BBs you should consider using. 

Be sure to try different weights and brand of BBs to find one that works best for your pistol. 

  • Clean your Barrel

This is something that should become second nature to you if you own an airsoft pistol. Constantly cleaning your barrel using warm water and a drop of soft soap will work great for your gun’s barrel. Generally, new guns are especially dirty with dust and grit from the factory. 

  • Find a better hop-pup chamber

Most hop-up chambers are typically simple and may not work too well. You can do some research and see if it’s viable to invest in a better hop-up. Apart from this, check the various “hop” mods i.e; i-hop, flat-hop, v-hop, t-hop, etc. Each of these works differently but most will work better than the stock setups.

  • Fix air leaks

Check for any air leaks on your pistol. You’ll need to apply grease on the upper part of your gun’s gearbox while carrying out this process. Furthermore, you can place some Teflon tape around the bucking and cylinder head to limit the air leaks. 

  • Stabilize your barrel

Naturally, the gearbox is a turbulent part of your pistol. While working, it usually jars the hop-up chamber and causes the barrel to wobble a bit. A good way of enhancing accuracy is to stabilize the barrel. This may vary from one gun to another, but with most guns, you can place some thick foam around the inside barrel to prevent it from bouncing a lot. 

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