The Best Paintball Guns and Markers of 2023

Are you just getting started playing paintball?  Maybe you’ve been playing for a while but you want to upgrade your gun.  Either way I’m sure mind is filled with questions and concerns.

The paintball guns themselves typically are the most confusing topic – with so many choices and so many options it can be hard to decide what is important to you. That’s why I created PB Guy – to help you take an in-depth look at a number of paintball markers. 

The following reviews are what we believe are the best paintball markers in the industry today.

Although very confusing and intimidating, we want to make sure that that you choose the correct paintball marker for your wants and needs. There are hundreds of models with thousands of options to choose from.

  However, if you know what features you’re looking for then you should have no problem narrowing down your search and finding the perfect paintball gun.

If you follow our expert reviews and helpful tips we can guarantee you’ll love your shopping experience – almost as much as when you finally get to use your new gun out on the field!

Best Paintball Guns – Rated For 2023

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R Paintball Gun (Black)
Planet Eclipse GTek 170R Rating: 93/100 Click for Latest Deal
Tippmann Cronus Tactical Rating: 92/100
Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun - Dust Blue/Dust Green
Empire Paintball Mini GS Rating: 90/100 Click for Latest Deal
Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker (Blue/Green)
Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Rating: 90/100 Click for Latest Deal
Planet Eclipse Etha 2 (Black)
Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Rating: 83/100 Click for Latest Deal
Planet Eclipse Etha 2 (HDE Earth)
Empire Axe 2.0 Rating: 88/100 Click for Latest Deal
Dye Rize Paintball Marker
Dye Precision Proto Rize Rating: 83/100 Click for Latest Deal
Azodin Blitz 3 Paintball Gun (Black/Black)
Azodin Blitz 3 Rating: 78/100 Click for Latest Deal
Dye M3s Paintball Marker - Abyss
Dye M3s Paintball Marker Rating: 90/100 Click for Latest Deal
Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker, Black
Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker Rating: 82/100 Click for Latest Deal
Tippmann X7 Phenom Mechanical .68 Caliber Paintball Marker
Tippmann X7 Phenom Rating: 73/100 Click for Latest Deal

Let’s get one thing straight right now:

We’re not here to talk about professional-level markers.

Today’s all about entry-level and intermediate models and helping relatively new and inexperienced players find their way around the market.

So, if you’re a pro looking for the best paintball guns for your skill level – and you have a budget that can handle the price tags that come with high-end models – you can skip these reviews, and get yourself the Planet Eclipse CS2 or the Shocker XLS. You can thank us later.

If money is tight, though, let’s go over these low to mid-range options together, instead!

#1 Planet Eclipse GTek 170R

Okay, we feel a certain way about the Planet Eclipse GTek 170R, and we’re not afraid to say it:

It might just be the best high-end paintball gun we’ve tested!

One of the first things we’ve noticed about it is how sturdy it felt. Straight away, it’s clear that the idea behind the GTek 170R was to take all the fantastic features of the GTek and move them into a more durable, aluminum housing. Plus, it looks very sleek, which is always a plus.

There are quite a few valuable features that make it one of our personal favorites, too.

First, there’s the Gamma Core, known for its high reliability, even in low temperatures, and low-pressure operation of around 135 PSI. In turn, you get minimal recoil – and one of the more “gentle” markers around.

Then there’s the air transfer system that utilizes an AT Pipe, combined with the slightly “stretched out” wrap-around rubber grips, which ensures both comfort and control.

Also, it comes with an OLED board, giving you a handy graphical user interface located on the back of the handle that lets you keep an eye on vital information about your marker’s status.

It does have a relatively hefty price tag, but you’re getting a pretty good bang for your buck here!


  • Sturdy, all-metal aluminum construction
  • Features a Gamma Core drivetrain  
  • Low-pressure operation at 135 PSI
  • The AT-Pipe air transfer system
  • Two-piece barrel system
  • Comes with an OLED board
  • Fairly lightweight


  • It’s pretty expensive

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun
  • High-impact composite body
  • Vertical Grip

You’ve probably heard of Tippmann – it’s one of the most popular brands in the paintball industry, known for their highly reliable and durable markers. Well, the Cronus is easily one of their most affordable lines of paintball guns yet! So, if you’re hunting for the best value, this is it.

It’s a simple design that reminds us of the TMC – except for the mag-fed part, that is.

The first thing we’ve noticed, besides how sturdy and durable it feels is how comfortable the grip is. It features molded finger grooves, and it’s made of rubber, which ensures a sturdy, non-slip grip. Also, the vertical grip can be repositioned depending on your preferences, which makes holding the Cronus even more comfortable.

Our favorite part about the Cronus Tactical is how customizable it is. All the added features that set it apart from the basic Cronus model – the collapsible stock, the carry handle, and the mock silencer with a built-in front sight – are all easily removable, meaning you can switch between the “basic” and the Tactical one easily!

The biggest downside has to be the stock barrel, which should be upgraded if you want to improve the gun’s overall accuracy. Unfortunately, though, there’s not much else you can do to spice things up.


  • Features an internal gas line
  • The high-impact composite body is sturdy and durable
  • Six-position collapsible stock
  • Has an adjustable vertical grip and a carry handle
  • Can be customized to your preferences
  • Excellent value for the price


  • Upgrade the stock barrel to improve accuracy
  • Not a lot of upgrade options  

#3 Empire Paintball Mini GS

The Mini GS is a second-gen version of the Empire’s older Mini model – and one with some serious upgrades, too. They took an already fantastic gun to a whole new level!

There are quite a few upgrades that make a huge difference in its performance – and deserve mention here. For instance, the rubberized fore grip that gives it a sturdy feel, the On/Off switch for the venting ASA regulator, the clamping feed neck, the overall smaller profile, and the highly responsive micro-switch trigger, which was a massive improvement compared to the older model.

Performance-wise, we’re happy to report that it packs a punch, but at the same time, it maintains its quiet operation with minimal recoil – we’re talking less than an inch here. Plus, it allows you to switch between several firing modes.

Maintenance comes with a learning curve, though. It’s not that cleaning the gun is overly complicated, but it does require disassembly, which can be a bit tricky and time-consuming.

Also, although we appreciate the low profile and the lightness of this marker – it does live up to its “Mini” name – keep in mind that it might be too small for some, as handling such a tiny marker can be slightly uncomfortable and cumbersome for larger hands.


  • A complete overhaul of the original Mini
  • In-line pressure-controlled poppet engine
  • Rubberized grips fit nicely in the hands
  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Features an ASA On/Off switch
  • Air efficient
  • Smooth shooting with minimal recoil
  • Responsive micro-switch trigger
  • Multiple firing modes


  • Cleaning requires complete disassembly
  • It might be too compact for some

#4 Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker

If what you’re searching for is the best pump paintball gun that will go easy on your wallet – and one that ensures that perfect balance between old-school and modern – then look no further. It doesn’t get much better than the Azodin KP3.5 KAOS!

There are quite a few additions and upgrades compared to the KP2, including the On/Off ASA switch, the two-piece barrel with two added barrel backs (the .685, and the more common one, the .681), the clamping feed neck that allows you more control over your hopper setup, as well as the dual pump rods.

On that note, the first thing that feels remarkably better compared to other pump models on the market is secure, yet surprisingly fast, pumping action. The best way to describe would be “smooth.” It seems like the addition of the second stainless steel pump rod made a significant impact in that regard.

Also, the addition of the ZeRO system helps keep the operating pressure down in the 230 PSI range, which does make a noticeable difference in the gun’s precision, as well as noise level, ensuring that it stays relatively quiet and doesn’t kick back much.

Be sure to avoid double-feeding, though, especially if you’re new to pump markers.


  • A two-piece barrel with two barrel backs
  • Has a clamping feed neck
  • On/Off ASA switch
  • Dual stainless steel pump rods
  • Internal ZeRO Assembly and Acoustic Bolt ensure low operating pressure
  • Quiet operation with relatively little recoil


  • There’s a risk of double-feeding

#5 Planet Eclipse Etha 2

Okay, guys, do you know what’s new in the world of Planet Eclipse paintball markers? The Etha has evolved!

The original model was loud and flimsy – and the Etha 2 is none of those things. It’s considerably quieter, has minimal recoil, and it’s much more air efficient than its predecessor!

One thing you’ll notice right out of the box is that its composite outer body is made entirely out of nylon, except for the barrel, trigger, and On/Off switch, of course. The sturdiness and durability of this marker were a pleasant surprise, though.

It’s equipped with quite a few handy features, too, such as the LED indicators on both sides, easy-to-replace batteries, and our favorite, the POPS On/Off ASA switch.

Ergonomics-wise, we were thrilled to see that the placement of the grips feels a bit more “spaced out” with the foregrip sitting at a comfortable distance, and allowing for a more secure grip. Plus, the hose-less design gives you a lot more options for hand placement.

If there’s one thing we didn’t like, it’s the lack of rubber covers on the grips – especially the fore grip, which is made of nylon. There’s some texture to it, but it still doesn’t have that high-end, non-slip feel.


  • Sturdy composite nylon body
  • Features a Gamma Core spool valve system
  • POPS On/Off ASA switch
  • The hose-less air transfer system
  • LED light indicators on both sides
  • Spaced out placement of the grips
  • Easy-to-replace batteries


  • The foregrip doesn’t have a rubber cover

#6 Empire Axe 2.0

Empire Axe 2.0
  • Shockwave board offers multiple adjustable firing modes (Semi, Ramp, Burst, Full Auto)
  • Relay venting ASA regulator with On/Off lever
  • Push button bolt removal system for tool-less engine maintenance

The Empire Axe 2.0 is yet another second-gen model on our list. That’s a good thing, though, as it shows that the manufacturers are listening to and taking into account the feedback they’re getting from their customers!

The first thing we’d like to mention is the aluminum body – not only it keeps this marker very light and easy to handle but it lends some much-needed durability, too.

More importantly, though, the Empire didn’t stop at the robust construction, and followed it up with quite a few handy features, like the On/Off lever on the ASA regulator, the shockwave board equipped with four interchangeable firing modes, and the pressure-controlled poppet engine.

The addition of a rubberized wrap-around foregrip was a nice touch, too, as it ensures a stable, non-slip grip even when the conditions in the field get wet and slippery.

Overall, two things you can expect from this marker are highly reliable, smooth operation and a high level of accuracy.

It may feel a bit uncomfortable for some players, mainly those who prefer a more spaced out layout of the grips – the Axe 2.0 is compact to a point where it even feels a bit cramped. It’s a matter of preference, though.


  • Sturdy yet lightweight aluminum body
  • Pressure-controlled poppet engine
  • Has a rubber wrap-around foregrip
  • Four firing modes to choose from
  • ASA regulator has an On/Off lever
  • Button-controlled bolt removal for tool-less maintenance
  • Easy to clean


  • Some may find it a bit too compact

#7 Dye Precision Proto Rize

Dye Precision Proto Rize
  • Patented UL hourglass trigger frame with electronic operation and 4 tournament firing modes.
  • Patented self-cleaning DYE M2 Eye Pipe with integrated ball detents.
  • Famous, industry leading trademarked DYE Sticky Grips.

Next, we’re going to discuss the Dye Precision Proto Rize, and while we weren’t blown away by it, there’s no denying that this is a paintball gun build on a solid foundation of its famous predecessors – and with a lot of attention to detail, too.

The most significant improvement has to be the solenoid. It feels a lot more robust with a noticeable increase in reliability, which means you no longer have to worry about over-pressurization and other performance-affecting issues.

Moreover, it boasts the patented closed-spool valve design with an updated three-piece Fuzion Bolt system. In short, you’re looking at a marker that operates at around 140 PSI, remains relatively quiet, but still fires at some pretty impressive rates, which is always a plus.

Our overall impression of the Proto Rize is that it still has a long way to go, especially when it comes to quality control.

Granted, it’s far from being a “bad” marker – but it left us feeling a bit underwhelmed.

The bottom line is, we feel like there are plenty of other – and often better – options on the market in this price range.


  • Has a clamping feed neck
  • Four different firing modes
  • Closed-spool valve design
  • Low-pressure operation at around 140 PSI
  • Low-profile, lightweight design
  • Integrated LED light indicator
  • Wrap-around Sticky Grip offers comfort, control, and protection
  • Self-cleaning Eye-Pipe system


  • The stock barrel might need to be replaced
  • Quality control and factory defect issues

#8 Azodin Blitz 3

Every paintball novice reaches the point where they are prepared to go out and purchase their own paintball gun. It may be a difficult task as there are a lot of brands and models to select from, and you certainly don’t want to get stuck with a marker that jams on you in the middle of combat.

To make your choice easier, Azodin has created the Blitz 3,for paintballers searching for an affordable marker under the $200 price tag. The Blitz 3 was also built to utilize both CO2 and HPA, alowing it to perform up to a maximum rate of fire of 20 bps — which makes it a suitable marker for any newcomer to the sport, be it woodsball, speedball, or rec ball.

Because the Blitz 3 is so reasonably priced, you won’t find all the fancy features you’d get on a more expensive marker. We would recommend the Blitz 3 for a beginner who does not care about being aggressive and wants to have fun. If this is you, then saddle up since you might like what we have to say about the Azodin Blitz 3.

Lightweight and Comfortable
One of the main complaints paintballers had about the two previous Blitz markers was that they were a little too thick for some to hold. To address this issue, Azodin built the frame of the Blitz 3 out of composite material, and aggressively milled the body to help remove excess weight.

By doing this they brought the weight of the Blitz 3 down to 2.05pounds, which is 15% lighter than its predecessor. Additionally, Azodin gave the Blitz 3 a slick design, by eliminating the fitting which would get in the way of you holding the gun.

By changing to a coated steel braided airline that the Blitz 3 is now a lot more comfortable to use in long games and is much easier to switch between your palms too (great for shooting across either side of the bunker).

Other complaints that you hear about the Blitz 3 is it is also loud and that it’s a reasonable amount of recoil. This is caused by the Blitz 3 with a stacked tube blowback (STBB) layout which requires a higher pressure input to blow the bolt back of this mark.

Luckily, Azodin did come out with their own Zero Recoil Operating System (ZeRO) that permits the Blitz 3 to operate in a lower working pressure of 250 PSI — reducing both the recoil and noise touch. This does cost.

The opinions on this model vary from player to player – some deem it one of the best paintball guns in the entry-level category, while others (including us) were left wanting more.

If there’s one thing this gun has going for it, it’s the extremely lightweight, yet relatively durable nylon-reinforced composite frame, the comfortable grips, and the user-friendly features and components.

Also, it boasts the new feather regulator (although pre-set) that allows the gun to operate using both CO2 and HPA, which is a nice touch for those who are still on the fence about which type of paintball tanks to use.

But that’s pretty much it.

While it’s highly upgradable, the gun itself feels rather basic compared to other models in its price range. For instance, it lacks handy features such as the On/Off ASA switch and a clamping feed neck, which was somewhat of a let-down.

Another thing we’ve noticed is that it struggles with recoil and quiet operation. Granted, you can address this by adding the Zero Recoil Operating System, but we’re not sure that the additional expense is worth it.

The point is, you’re better off spending a bit more initially, and getting a marker that doesn’t require any extra costs!


  • Nylon-reinforced composite frame
  • Lightweight
  • A very comfortable grip that feels smooth, yet robust
  • User-friendly and suitable for beginners
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Both HPA and CO2-compatible


  • No On/Off ASA switch
  • A bit loud with strong recoil
  • Prone to factory defects
  • The feather regulator isn’t adjustable

Although this gun does cost more than any other on our list today I think any serious paintballer would be silly not to consider it. The DYE M3 is, without a doubt, one of the most technologically advanced and lightest weight paintball guns available today. Featuring an OLED interface changing firing modes can be done without even adjusting your grip.

The M3 fires paintballs at an extremely low pressure rate of 115 PSI – this results in blazing fast paintballs while being as close to silent as I’ve ever heard. As mentioned before this gun is extremely light – at only 1 pound 10 ounces I can sometimes forget I’m even carrying it. If you’re looking for the absolute best paintball marker, one that blow away your competition and your friends will be jealous of then look no further.  The DYE M3 is for you.

#10 Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Aluminum

Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Aluminum
  • Cyclone Feed System can Fire 15 balls per second without batteries
  • Can be field stripped in less than 60 seconds without tools
  • Enhanced ergonomics with a longer front grip, lighter weight body and easier to Remove push pins

This is one of the most popular products ever made, it is made with aluminum, which makes it very light, it is very easy to customize and upgrade, and it comes with a two year warranty. This paintball marker has the cyclone speed system that allows it to fire 15 balls per second, without using batteries. It comes with a two position switch that allows the user to quickly and easily change between fight mode and safe mode, and a longer front grip, which gives you a better grip. The A-5 is also easy to maintain, and can be taken apart in 60 seconds without using tools, the easy customization of this marker makes it great for beginners and intermediate users.

The Tippmann X7 Phenom is an awesome product that has a military style design, that can be customized to many different looks, like the AK-47, M-16, MP5, UMP, and various other assault rifles, and it is also very reliable in battle. As well as many other Tippmann products from our list, the product is very durable and will last for a long time. The only disadvantage of X7 is its barrel that cannot be customized.

Choosing a Paintball Gun

The best paintball guns (also known as the best paintball markers) come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. Expect to pay around a couple hundred dollars for a good, entry-level paintball gun. If you go extremely cheap, remember that as in all things, you will get what you pay for. Check reviews to find a happy medium between finding a good price and a good gun – but always try to get the best paintball gun that you can afford. The last thing you want is to purchase a gun that you end up disliking and having to run back out and pay even more to upgrade to a decent one.

The Best Paintball Guns and Markers of 2023 1

When you first start shopping for a good paintball gun, remember that size matters. This doesn’t mean that bigger is better; it means that you need to get a gun that is an ideal size for your physical frame. If you’re a smaller person, it’s going to be frustrating and tiring for you to lug around and use a giant paintball marker. For a larger-framed person, a big and beefy paintball gun might fit the bill. Either way, a lighter-weight gun will allow you to move more easily and quickly.

Once you settle on price and general size, you’ll have many decisions to make about the details of your gun. If you’re a beginner, your best bet is to start simple. As you become more familiar with what you do and don’t need on a paintball gun, you can decide if many of the extras are worth it. A longer barrel will make the gun a bit more unwieldy, but will give you more accuracy and control over your shots. You’ll have the choice of mechanical, pump action or electronic paintball markers. Keep reading below for more information on the difference between the three.

You’ll also need to know if your paintball gun fires using CO2 tanks or HPA (High Pressure Air) bottles. Most paintball guns use CO2. HPA allows for more shots per canister, but it’s more expensive than CO2. HPA-powered guns also require regulators in order to function. Paintball markers that use HPA can also fire on CO2, but this can damage those models of guns, so it’s extremely important to know what your gun is made to use.

As you research your new best paintball gun, look into the kinds of upgrades that will be available for it once you get comfortable and decide to start tinkering with it. Upgrade options are endless. Electronic trigger upgrades allow people to shoot faster. Longer barrels give players even more control. Scopes give you amazing aim. You’ll also want to make sure that repair parts are easily available for your model of gun in case it breaks down.

Three Kinds of Paintball Markers

Pump Action

A few years ago when paintball was first gaining traction with players these were the only style of markers available. Players had to manually pump the gun for each round fired – this resulted in a painfully slow firing rate. The best way to imagine this is to think of an old single barrel pump shot gun.  Yes – that bad.

Although they are older and considered obsolete by most players you can still find a select group of enthusiasts who love the raw nature of a pump paintball gun. One major reason is reliability.  With fewer moving parts and less dependence on technology you can pretty much guarantee an accurate shot every time.  They require much more skill than modern paintball markers but they will improve your overall skill on the battlefield.

These old school paintball guns are now shaking up the paintball scene once again.  Many fields and leagues are introducing pump-style only competitions which can be a lot of fun.  It’s like the underground vinyl collectors club of paintball.


This style of paintball gun is the most popular on fields right now.  These guns operate just like a semi-automatic rifle – each time you pull the trigger one round is fired off.  This makes them a much faster alternative to the pump action guns but still much slower than the electronic style guns.

You can find mechanical guns at just about every price level and every skill level.  The maintenance on these are also a plus as they are very easy to keep clean and are generally reliable.  They do break more often than an electronic style gun so be sure you buy one with a good warranty.  I would say nearly 9 out of every 10 guns you see on the field today are mechanical guns.  However, this will most likely start changing in the coming years.  Read below to find out why.


Electronic guns are the up-and-coming stars of the paintball world.  They are the newest and most high tech options available today.  The technology in these guns have single handedly taken the entire game to another level. When first introduced, these guns were reserved for the paintball elite.  They were incredibly expensive and only the most die-hard paintballers would shell out the money required to buy one.

But, like computers, TVs and all other tech, the prices have since come down.  Today most of the guns available are powered by a convenient 9-volt battery and are programmed to give players a variety of shooting styles.  Some of these styles include:

  • Full-on-Auto which allows a player to simply hold down the triggers and the gun will quickly fire off round after round until the trigger is released.
  • Three Round Burst which will quickly fire off three rounds each time the trigger is pulled.

The simplicity of this style of gun is also incredible. Because the gun makes use of a spool valve, which only has one moving part, there are virtually no needs for repair and post match cleanup can be done in no time at all.  These two reasons alone are why many people will buy an electronic paintball gun today.

Different Kinds of Hoppers

The hopper is the device that holds your paintballs and the best paintball gun requires the best hopper. It also feeds the paintballs into your gun as you fire. Two things you’ll need to think about when choosing a hopper is how many paintballs it will hold, as well as how quickly it can feed them into your gun. The feed rate is measured in bps, or balls per second.

Starting at around 8 bps, the most basic kind of hopper is a gravity-fed hopper. This works just the way it sounds; gravity pulls the paintballs into your gun’s chamber. These hoppers are the most quiet and affordable. They’re also the most slow and can jam easily (although shaking the hopper can easily dislodge any stuck ammunition). If you’re considering an electronic paintball marker, don’t purchase a gravity-fed hopper, as the feed rate will go a lot slower than your gun can fire.

If you want to up your bps, you’ll need to move up to an electronic hopper. These will work perfectly for any mechanical marker and most of your entry-level electronic markers and can fire up to 25 bps. As you become more familiar with the game, you may want to move up to a more complex hopper. You can find ones that fire at astounding rates up to 50 bps!

If you’re buying a quality paintball gun, you need to learn more about the best hoppers available.

The All-Important Paintball Mask

In addition to (and more importantly than) a paintball gun, you’ll need the best paintball mask you can find. If you get hit in the eye with a paintball, you could lose that eye. Getting hit in the nose or mouth by a flying projectile isn’t much fun, either. You’ll note that paintball masks are just that—full-face masks. They’re more than just goggles. Wearing a set of ski (or any other kind of goggles) is not smart or sufficient for paintball. You need full-face protection and you want a mask that’s specifically designed with paintball in mind.

Protect Yourself with Additional Gear

One of the biggest mistakes that new paintball players make is showing up to a match wearing thin clothing that won’t protect their skin. Paintballs fly fast and hit hard. Not to mention that when up against an opponent with the best paintball gun you can end up getting welted up very badly. And they hurt when they hit. They hurt quite a bit.

You’ll quickly learn that thick, padded clothing is the best way to go when hitting the paintball field. There are specialized jerseys made for paintball and war games. These long-sleeved shirts feature padding in the chest and collar areas, as well as elbow padding. Paintball pants provide similar protection, and many even feature mesh panels along the legs so that you don’t sweat to death while you play. Keep in mind that the best tactical pants will protect you better than any civilian clothes.

Another must when playing paintball is tactical gloves. You should never play paintball with exposed hands, as getting hit on the hand by a fired paintball is extremely painful and the best tactical gloves will save you a lot of pain. Paintball gloves feature extra padding that you won’t find if you wear gloves that are meant for another purpose. They’re durable, snug-fitting and designed to let your hands move to work your paintball marker. Some of them even leave your fingertips uncovered so that your trigger finger has the ability to move freely.

A good pair of boots is another great addition to your paintball attire. Combat-style boots will provide protection to your feet and ankles. In addition to shielding them from paintballs, they’ll also give lots of ankle support as you move and pivot—sometimes over obstacles. Look for boots that are comfortable for wearing over long periods of time. The best tactical boots should last you a very long time. They should also be lightweight so that you can move quickly.  If you have the best paintball gun you’ll also want the best gear available!

Good Excuses to Play

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, paintball is like playing a real-life video game. It’s a great way to bring out the kid in anyone. Should you need some good reasons to suit up and head out to shoot some paintballs at people, here are some of the many reasons why people love paintball so much.

• It’s a Social Game

Paintball gets you out and about, interacting with other people. You can organize a game with a group of friends or family members. You can also meet new friends on the playing field. Fans of paintball love the social aspect of the game. Keep practicing and you’ll soon be known as the Paintball King (or Queen) of the Pack!

• Exercise

Another obvious benefit of paintball is exercise. Why spend an hour on the treadmill when you can spend an hour jumping, running, dodging, sweating, and shooting? Paintball is a wonderful cardio workout. It’s also great for building muscles as you run around carrying your gun and gear. Paintball players get fit while having fun.

• Blow Off Steam

Playing paintball is a perfect way to reduce stress. Because it’s so fast-paced, you’re forced to focus on what’s happening on the field. Those problems at work? The deadlines you have looming? All of that melts away as you fight for survival on the paintball field. For at least a little while, your only problem is hitting or being hit.

• Team-Building

Whether you’re playing with co-workers, with your spouse, or as a family, paintball is great for team-building. It’s a really great feeling to plan out a strategy and then try to play it out. Even if you fail, it’s an incredible amount of fun. Which brings me to the last reason that people play paintball…

• Fun

Paintball is just plain fun. There’s no better way to set aside all of your cares and simply go crazy for a few hours. Whether you’re playing to get fit, to de-stress, or to hone your target practice skills, each paintball game is a brand new adventure. Get off the couch, get suited up, and go shoot some paintballs, preferably with the best paintball gun.

In The End…

Thanks for reading – I hope you’ve found our guide to the best paintball gun and paintball gun reviews to be helpful.  Feel free to reach out and contact us if you have any questions.  Also be sure to check out the rest of our website for great links to tactical gear and other paintball accessories.  Enjoy!

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